Top 5: Shows To See At Vault Festival

It's that time of year again - Vault Festival is upon us! London’s biggest arts festival is running over eight weeks and presenting hundreds of new shows, events and performances in the subterranean space beneath Waterloo station. Every show is really affordable and accessible, but unless you have literally all the time in the world and/or a bunch of disposable cash, it's important to plan what you want to see and when. Here are the performances we're most excited to see...

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What: Cat Loud: To The End Of The World!
When: 31st Jan - 4th Feb
How much: £11.5

Okay so, first up we’ve got Cat Loud, who's raising a toast to the apocalypse with a brand new cabaret about love, regret, resistance and hope. Delivering cynical humour and slaying a killer set of songs from the likes of Nina Simone, Cat Power and Adele with cello accompaniment, Cat tries to make sense of how we ended up like this and set her world to rights, before it’s too late! Book now!

the tung magazine art music theatre culture vault festival performance review what's on

What: JOY
When: 10-11th Feb
How much: £9.5

Next up we’ve got JOY, presented by all good artists are dead. In the early hours of an S&M rave, Joy finds that the man she slept with is gone. To fill the no-mans land between night and day, Joy casts her memories to the past - memories that are at once fun and rotten, cliché yet bizarre. It’s a complex exploration of the politics of heritage and sexuality, not to be missed. Book now

the tung magazine art music theatre culture vault festival performance review what's on

What: This Is Not Culturally Significant
When: 2nd-3rd March
How much: £11.5

We were gutted to miss the Bunker Theatre run of This Is Not Culturally Significant, so we’re super pleased it’s coming to Vault for a couple of nights! It’s a brutally intense, darkly comic one-man show, which explores the strangeness of humanity. The entire piece is performed totally nude, and combines dark clowning and grotesque bouffon to deliver an incisive political comment on contemporary society. Brace yourselves  - it’s not going to be a comfortable watch. Book now!


What: The Very Important Child
When: 21st - 25th Feb
How much: £14.50

The Very Important Child is a chaotic and lyrical theatre performance using music, movement, psychology and personality tests to investigate just what makes us who we are. Using Loevinger’s theory of human ego development as its influence, the lecture style performance tracks human development through the stages of life. It's a fun and light-hearted performance which sees audience members receive personality tests during the show. Can’t wait to see how we fare! Book now! 

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What: Stevie Martin: Work In Progress
When: 4th Feb
How much: £9.50

We are BIG fans of Stevie’s, so much so that this ain’t her first time at the Top 5 rodeo (see her involvement in Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2017 alongside her equally great co-host Tessa Coates). We’re also very into her work as one third of sketch group Massive Dad (other two thirds made up by Tessa again, and Liz Kingsman), so we’re pretty sure that her solo show will be right up our street. This is the first iteration of her new material, some or lots of which will make it up to Edinburgh later this year! Book now!

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