The To Do List: w/c 24th September


Life can get busy, and it's all too easy to watch the weeks slip by without having done much apart from watch Friends re-runs and, inexplicably, Season 2 of Love Island (this is not in reference to myself at all nope definitely not). With that in mind, The Tung team want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of what's going on in the world of arts and culture without totally overloading you with information. Whether you're staying in this week, or hankering for an evening out, we reckon there'll be something for you here. 


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WATCH: Killing Eve (via BBC) 

I spent this weekend at my parents’ house doing genuinely nothing apart from watching TV. First up, on the recommendation of my family (who had watched it in its entirety already only to watch it again in its entirety with me), came Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s unsurpassable Killing Eve. Sandra Oh is perfect as the bored-of-her-ordinary-life MI5 admin bod with a penchant for female murderers, and Jodie Comer deserves literally all of the possible awards for her portrayal of a charismatic psychopath with exquisite taste in cocktail dresses.

Watch the trailer here.

tung magazine to do list london culture what's on

WATCH: Maniac (via Netflix) 

…and as if watching eight 50 minute episodes over the course of 48 hours wasn’t enough, I threw in another 10 episodes of Netflix’s biggest, brightest new show, Maniac. Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill (oKAAAAAY budget alert) as two participants in a high-risk drug trial, things start out weird and only get weirder. It’s part black comedy, part thriller, part period drama, part futuristic sci-fi, part Lord of the Rings elf caper and a whole bunch of other parts that made me dizzy but in a (mostly) fun kinda way.

Watch the Maniac trailer here.

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LISTEN: Popcast ‘What makes for a great celebrity profile?’ (via The New York Times)

This is perfect podcast material — three journalists sit down to chat about their experiences of profiling celebrities, which opens up into a wider discussion about the future of magazine journalism in the face of the stratospheric rise of social media. NYT music critic Joe Caramanica is joined by Vanessa Grigoriadis, contributing editor at the NYT Magazine and author of “Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus” and Zach Baron, staff writer at GQ and their conversation is frank, searching, and every now and again even a little confessional. Recommended listening for writers and readers alike. 

Listen to the podcast here.


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What: Lily Allen in Conversation 

Where: Milton Court

When: Thursday 27th September

Lily Allen’s memoir, My Thoughts Exactly, was published last week, and the reception has been pretty explosive. Lily discusses her personal life and career with extraordinary candour — it seems that no heavy stone, no dark anecdote is left unturned — but it’s entirely understandable that after decades of media speculation and misrepresentation, she would feel compelled to set the record straight. There are still a few tickets left for Thursday night’s conversation between Lily and one The Tung’s favourite music journalists, Laura Snapes, so grab one while you can!

Grab tickets here.

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What: Matangi / Maya / MIA 

Where: selected cinemas

When: Monday 24th - Thursday 27th September

If you see one thing at the cinema this week, you gotta go and see the MIA documentary. Even in the way its constructed — lots of home video, scrap-book like — it represents something intrinsically MIA-esque, and as a result is as vital and as full of defiance as her music. It’s the MIA story told totally from her perspective, but she doesn’t care much to present her side of the controversies that have tended to follow her. Rather, she seeks to find out more about herself. 

Grab tickets here.

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What: Empress Of

Where: Chats Palace

When: Sunday 28th September

I saw Empress Of play Moth Club a couple of years ago and it was genuinely one of the most exciting small gigs I’ve seen, so this is high on my priority list this week. Her music is full of subtle strength, and her energy on stage is boundless. Get down to Chats Palace to see Empress Of this Sunday and leave feeling fully energised for the week ahead. 

Grab tickets here.