The To Do List: w/c 17th September


Life can get busy, and it's all too easy to watch the weeks slip by without having done much apart from watch Friends re-runs and, inexplicably, Season 2 of Love Island (this is not in reference to myself at all nope definitely not). With that in mind, The Tung team want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of what's going on in the world of arts and culture without totally overloading you with information. Whether you're staying in this week, or hankering for an evening out, we reckon there'll be something for you here. 


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LISTEN: Lana Del Rey ‘Mariner’s Apartment Complex’ 

Lana Del Rey returns after 2017’s Lust For Life with a true gem. Since she burst into our lives back in 2011 with ‘Video Games’, she’s been a mainstay of alt-retro-pop, her Hollywood glamour girl persona allowing her to experiment with melodrama in both her music and performance. In ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’, Lana’s pared down the glitz, arriving at a sound that, despite its 1970s stylings, feels just right for the beginning of a new era. 

Listen to the track here.

tung magazine to do list culture what's on london

READ: “Emma Thompson: on her new films, the lies women are told, and the two kinds of people in the world” by David Marchese (via

Could Emma Thompson get any dreamier? After reading this article, the answer’s going to have to be a firm no. In this long-ish read, Emma covers subjects such as the shifting nature of long-term relationships, her attitudes towards problematic Hollywood figures, and ageism in the entertainment business. Such a sense of her own calm pervades the piece that it’s difficult to finish reading it without feeling a little more zen yourself. 

Read the article here.

tung magazine to do list culture what's on london

WATCH: “This man flew to Japan to sing ABBA in a big cold river” (via YouTube) 

Don’t look at me like that — as if you’ve never fallen down a YouTube hole and struggled to crawl your way back out? On a recent deep dive into the internet, I found this — a video of a man singing ‘Mamma Mia’ in a river in Kyoto. I could explain further but to be totally honest I think this particular piece of Modern Art is best summed up by the flurry of commenters: ‘intoxicating,’ ‘perfect,’ ‘beautiful.’ Holy Mackerel the Third brings it all together with his assertion that although ‘This video has about 100 pixels…every one is used to their full potential.’ Never was a truer word typed.

Watch the video here.


tung magazine to do list what's on london culture

What: Stand-up For Asylum

Where: Karamel Restaurant

When: Friday 21st September

In amongst all the gravity, the poetry and the politics, the art and film, there is always space for humour. Stand-up for Asylum will bring together up and coming comedians, to throw a whole new light on human rights and inhumanity. The evening will be hosted by comedian, producer and co-editor of 'I call myself a feminist', Amy Annette, with special guests including Multi-award-winning character comedian Lolly Adefope.

Grab your tickets here.

tung magazine to do list what's on london culture

What: Stephen Lawrence Memorial Lecture 2018

Where: RIBA

When: Thursday 20th September

RIBA are once again hosting the Stephen Lawrence Memorial Lecture, helping to raise vital funds for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. This year marks 25 years since Stephen’s murder. The Trust reflects Stephen’s love for architecture in its work to support young and aspiring architects from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds to study and qualify.

This year’s lecture is co-curated by RIBA and The [204] Design Collective, following the success of their ‘Decolonizing Architecture’ event series as part of the London Festival of Architecture. The panel of speakers (including Akil Scafe-Smith, Gameli Ladzekpod, Abigail Patel, Selasi Setufe, and Ahnansé, and chaired by Kieran Yates) will be discussing the impact of the voice of youth in redefining alternative methods of architectural practice, and will be sharing thoughts on identity, diversity, equality of opportunities, and their relationship to architecture and the city.

Grab your tickets here.

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What: HowTheLightGetsIn

Where: Kenwood House

When: Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd September

With over 50 debates and talks and 40 music and comedy acts across 8 stages, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn will land in London for the first time this weekend. We’re particularly looking forward to the talks entitled ‘Stranger Than We Think’, in which novelist and author of Hot Milk Deborah Levy, philosopher and broadcaster Julian Baggini and BBC New Generation Thinker and author of Picnic Comma Lightning Laurence Scott unravel the supernatural, ‘Tea, Cake and Philosophy’ in which Yassmin Abdel Magied will lead an amusing yet serious discussion on colour, identity and the successes and setbacks on the road to empowerment, and musical performances from The Bloom Twins and Rae Morris.

Grab your tickets here.

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