The To-Do List: w/c 17th December


Life can get busy, and it's all too easy to watch the weeks slip by without having done much apart from watch Friends re-runs and, inexplicably, Season 2 of Love Island (this is not in reference to myself at all nope definitely not). With that in mind, The Tung team want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of what's going on in the world of arts and culture without totally overloading you with information. Whether you're staying in this week, or hankering for an evening out, we reckon there'll be something for you here. 


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WATCH: Dumplin’ (via Netflix) 

If you need a break from the extraordinary glut of Christmas movies currently available on Netflix this festive season, Dumplin’ may be just the palette-cleanser for you. The coming-of-age story of a young girl who, having been neglected by her hyper-vain pageant-mom, decides to enter into a pageant herself as a ‘revolt of the oppressive hetero-patriarchy unconsciously internalised by the female psyche.’ It’s not as groundbreaking as it thinks it is, despite all of its body-positive slogans,  but its a fun, Dolly Parton-filled 90 mins you won’t regret watching with a massive bowl of pesto pasta and a large glass of wine. 

Watch the Dumplin’ trailer here.

tung magazine to do list london culture calendar

READ: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Acts Out (via The New Yorker) 

Ariel Levy is a goddess, and so is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In this profile for The New Yorker, Levy meets Louis-Dreyfus at a fascinating point in her life: she’s a sitcom veteran, a six time Emmy winner, and the star of her own show and a cancer survivor. Catching her at the end of a year of chemotherapy and recovery, and just as she receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour for which she’s rapturously eulogised a the ceremony, there’s added weight to Levy’s cataloguing of Louis-Dreyfus’ life and work. Nonetheless, what pervades the piece is a sense of the wealth of life and work still to come. 

Read the article here.

tung magazine to do list london culture calendar

WATCH: Interpreting Aphex Twin: the visual world of Collapse

Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP contains some of my favourite music of the year. This Vinyl Factory mini-doc gives a little insight into the creative process behind those visuals that accompanied the music, from the references that inspired Richard D. James’ long-time collaborator Weirdcore in the creation of the visual narrative, to designer Daniel Mason’s work on researching and delivering the limited edition sleeve. It’s a fascinating 11 minutes for music and design nerds alike. 

Watch the doc here.


tung magazine to do list london culture calendar

What: The Guilty Feminist Podcast

Where: Lyric Hammersmith

When: Monday 17th December

Join the truly fabulous Deborah Frances-White for the live recording of a festive episode of her hit comedy podcast in which she and her guests discuss what it is to be a feminist in the 21st century.

Grab your tickets here

tung magazine to do list london culture calendar

What: Bottom

Where: Soho Theatre

When: Tuesday 18th December

Ding dong Merrily on HIGH! The Edinburgh Fringe sell-out BOTTOM is coming to Soho Theatre this Christmas. Locked in his bathroom during a tragic third date, Willy Hudson asks: are you a top or a bottom?

Willy's debut solo show puts the queer experience centre stage through storytelling, song, and dancing to Beyoncé. Bouncing between zero-hour contracts, online dating and all-night clubbing, Willy confronts attitudes towards masculinity, femininity and confidence in modern queer culture.

Grab your tickets here

tung magazine to do list london culture calendar

What: The Moth Ball Christmas Party 

Where: Moth Club 

When: Friday 21st December

Head over to Moth Club this Friday to hear, in their words, every Christmas banger you could think of at least twice! If you need more of a reason than that to get your Christmas gear on and head out, I simply cannot help you… 

Grab your tickets here