The Roundup 26.11.17

It can be tough, when faced with the eat-sleep-work-repeat grind, to keep on top of capital C Culture. That's why, every Sunday, the Tung team has a lil tete-a-tete in which we discuss all the podcasts, articles, songs, films, and TV we've loved over the past week. We choose our favourites and package them up in The Roundup to save you the leg work. 


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LISTEN: The High Low with Tina Brown

For my first taste of The High Low podcast, this episode is a perfect intro. Pandora and Dolly interview Tina Brown, OG ambassador for 'High/Low' journalism and ex-editor of Vanity Fair. Their satisfyingly probing discussion gets particularly interesting when tackling personal responses to news of a friend’s sexual misconduct, a knotty scenario Brown is currently experiencing herself. 

Listen to the show here

The Tung Magazine art music theatre london culture review interview

READ: 'Why It's OK For Women To Apply Makeup On The Tube' (via Refinery29)

So this week I had the absolute treat of being shouted at by a much older woman on the tube for putting on lipstick. Incensed, I remembered this Refinery29 piece from a few weeks back - 67% of women do their makeup on their commute, and we do it because we're too damn busy to waste 20 minutes sat down. Girl, bye.  

Read the piece here

The Tung Magazine art music theatre london culture review interview

LATE TO THE PARTY - WATCH: American Horror Story

The family Netflix account is sliiightly wasted on me - I'm never one to browse for a cool new documentary or uncover a 90s TV show. This week something came over me and I tried something new - AHS Hotel is expectedly gory and kitsch, but I'm falling deeply in love with Lady Gaga and low-key wishing I was a vampire. 

Watch the season 5 trailer here


The Tung Magazine art music theatre london culture review interview

WATCH: Joe Orton Laid Bare

The all-too-short life of sixties playwright Joe Orton and his death at the hands of his lover Kenneth Halliwell are explored in this strange half-documentary, half-play. I didn’t really know much about Orton before I got stuck into this, I’ve gotta admit, but the excellent ensemble cast and genuinely tense discussion around the circumstances of his death made for really compelling viewing. 

Watch on iPlayer


READ: 'Decolonising the canon' (via

If we read books to learn how to live, then the literary canon bears a huge weight of responsibility. In the hands of the current gatekeepers, that responsibility is being woefully shirked. In ‘Decolonising the canon’ Namra Amir writes personally about her own journey to familiarise herself with narratives she could identify with. It’s a compelling wake up call to all of those in positions of racial privilege who sleep-walked their way through almost totally white-authored university syllabi. I’ve just ordered a bunch of the novels she mentions in the article, because I’m looking at my bookshelf and right now it ain’t great…

Read the piece here

The Tung Magazine art music theatre london culture review interview

LATE TO THE PARTY: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

I have actually seen this once already, but I was late to the party even then so still counts, right?! In A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Ana Lily Amirpour offers a master-class in stylised simplicity. The film follows a vampire (The Girl) with a penchant for Breton stripes and sucking lifeblood, who wears a chador like billowing superhero cape. Soundtrack is great too - I can confirm that ‘Death’ by White Lies still bangs. 

Watch the trailer here