The Roundup 24.09.17

Life is busy. It’s easy to make it to Sunday night without having engaged in much past the eat - sleep - work - repeat grind. Here to make it easier for you to find little cultural nuggets to brighten up the week are the Tung Team - Anna, Jacob and Sarah - who have kept our ears to the ground from Monday to Sunday, rooting out our favourite bits and pieces from the week, so you don’t have to.


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PODCAST: SRSLY - The Problematic Faves Live Show

Is it even possible to have a fave without being forced at some point during your fandom to come face to face with something shit they’ve said or done? Right now it doesn’t seem likely. There you are minding your own business, living life as a Johnny Depp fan when, as if out of nowhere, all your most cherished films are ruined in one fell swoop. Can you ever watch Edward Scissor hands again knowing what you know now? And, perhaps more to the point, should you? Anna Leszkiewicz and Caroline Crampton of The New Statesman’s SRSLY podcast discuss. Listen here

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ARTICLE: The Fairy-Tale Come-up of Cardi B (via

I don’t know about you but when it comes to Cardi B I’ve been largely in the dark. Fader’s Instagram feed insists that she’s the literal best thing in the world, but I’m not sure I quite get it. This primer on the unbelievable rise of the Instagram star cum reality TV star cum rapper has been helpful in contextualising the hyper-charismatic star. I still absolutely despise ’Bodak Yellow’, but it’s just reached no 1 in streams in the US so I guess this is something I need to know about now. Read the piece here

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LATE TO THE PARTY: Soul Of A Nation at Tate Modern 

With just a month left to catch Soul Of A Nation, I ran down to the Tate Modern this week to catch this hugely moving and enlightening exhibition centered around the US civil rights movement, and the disillusionment that followed Martin Luther King’s assassination. From works from the Spiral group, to copies of The Black Panther magazine, to the rich and beautiful portraits of Barkley Hendricks, I saw so much work I’d never seen before, by artists I hadn’t yet heard of. The Tate has uncovered an enormous wealth of important work, so go, look, and learn. Find out more here


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MUSIC: Jamie Jones Kooky Music

Hot Creations co-founder Jamie Jones may well be the hardest working man in music, simultaneously in every photo at Ibiza’s DC10, consistently touring from Glasgow to Toronto and everywhere in-between, AND releasing great club-ready records. Although ‘Sound of Music’ with the delightful Katy B vocals will get most of the air time, my pick is Postive Pleasures for its warped R2D2-style stabs, crisp hats and wondering bassline. Listen here

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EXHIBITION: Tal R: Sexshops at Victoria Miro Gallery

With the art-world back in full swing and Frieze just around the corner, I headed to Wharf Road for the opening of Victoria Miro’s latest: Tal R: Sexshops. Living and working in Copenhagen, Tal R explores seduction with enticing yet restrained painterly precision. The effect is pretty mesmerising.The focus of his subject matter is seduction, desire, and gratification, and each painting provides its viewers with pleasure of the visual kind. The exhibition continues until 20th December. Find out more here

The Tung Magazine Culture Art Music Theatre Review Interview We Are X Japan Netflix


If heavy-metal band X Japan had been founded in the USA they could have been as big as the Beatles (so says this award-winning documentary). In 2016, director Stephen Kijak brought their powerful, stadium-sized, rock music to a whole new audience with this Searching for Sugar Man-esque film. Although some have criticised the portrayal of co-founder Yoshiki, the film showcases key insights into a post-punk Japanese phenomenon that’s been hitherto little known in the UK.  Watch the trailer here


PODCAST: Call Your Girlfriend, Episode 111: "Hillary"

In these uncertain and low key scary times, Hill's book tour for new memoir What Happened is soothing nostalgia for what could of been. Like the hip Grandma she is, Nasty Woman in Chief is popping up on every podcast that'll have her. CYG manages to transform her robotic politics into a normal chat with a woman who went through something traumatic, and loves her best pal Betsy. Listen here

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SINGLE: Gengahr 'Carrion'

Keeping the faith in British guitar music can be a thankless task. Gengahr might not be breaking any new ground, but their debut record 'A Dream Outside' scored consistently strong reviews in 2015. 'Carrion' serves a psychedelic lo-fi vibe up to the standards of breakout single 'She's A Witch', hopefully setting the scene for a new wave of good old fashioned guitars (please). Listen here

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LATE TO THE PARTY: Black Mirror 'San Junipero'

TV rarely gets love between women right, and for that gayness to be intersectional?? Get outta here. Recent Emmy winner, I've watched this episode three times, and it's a total treat from beginning to end. The soundtrack is perfect, the cast are sublime, and for once, it's a Black Mirror that'll leave you welling with optimism, and two new girl crushes. Watch via Netflix here.