The Roundup 24.06.18

It can be tough, when faced with the eat-sleep-work-repeat grind, to keep on top of capital C Culture. That's why, every Sunday, the Tung team has a lil tete-a-tete in which we discuss all the podcasts, articles, songs, films, and TV we've loved over the past week. We choose our favourites and package them up in The Roundup to save you the legwork.


tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: 'The Complicated Life and Death of XXXTentacion' by Craig Jenkins on

On the night this week that news of XXXTentacion’s murder was disseminating the world over, you may have noticed that Twitter was an absolute mess. You could barely scroll an inch without hitting outpourings of fan-boy grief and glee at the death of an alleged domestic abuser. This piece by Craig Jenkins takes a much-needed reflective, nuanced view, not of the perceived worth of the life of XXXTentacion, but of the difficulty in extracting rational responses from young X fans. Particularly those who are growing up in a world in which actions like his are often considered part and parcel of creating ‘good’ work. 

Read the piece here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

WATCH: St Vincent ‘Fast Slow Disco’ music video

I mean, if Annie Clark could just stop what she’s doing and be my wife that would be great. She recently re-released her Massseduction track ‘Slow Disco’ decked out ‘in disco pants, sweating on a New York dance floor.’ Now we have the video to go with it and let me tell you IT IS GLORIOUS DREAM! In it Clark parties with what seems like all of New York’s leather-bound daddies, more often than not entangled in a mass of limbs. It’s the perfect visual for the sweaty, late-night new iteration of one of the best tracks on the album. 

Watch the video here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

LATE TO THE PARTY: Fargo Season 2

Not to make myself appear extremely not-busy but this week I binge-watched an entire season of Fargo and have absolutely zero regrets. For those not in the know, Fargo is an American black comedy crime drama, and each season follows an entirely new plot and set of characters. It’s inspired by the Coen Brother’s film of the same name, and always takes its realism with just the right-sized pinch of salt. In season 2, we have epic Godfather-esque families, we have bodies in the meat-grinder, we have…aliens?! Sure, I’ll take it. 

Watch the season 2 trailer here.


tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: Stephanie Beatriz Is Bi and Proud as Hell, GQ

In a way it's strange this piece made the news and caused so much conversation; bisexuality has been around since, like, forever. Sadly there's still some major confusion about the bi experience, and Beatriz felt the need to clarify her decision to marry a man and the impact this has had on her queerness. I'm grateful she did, and for reinforcing the 'B' in LGBTQIA. Happy Pride month, gang.

Read the piece here

tung magazine sunday roundup

WATCH: Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke, The Late Late Show with James Corden

I can't be the only one with a weird vibe about James Corden. He was so beloved in Gavin & Stacey, his subsequent glory in the US as a talkshow host feels like we've been cheated. He's also insufferably earnest and sycophantic. So I was prepared to hate this. Instead I ... welled up??? If you can't be earnest and teary belting 'Let It Be' in your car with an actual Beatle, when can ya be. Wholesome content. 

Watch the video here

tung magazine sunday roundup

LATE TO THE PARTY: 'Break It Down', Lydia Davis

Short stories are fun, huh!? I'm calling it now as the next big millennial trend. Sometimes your brain is too mushy on the 8.30am Northern Line or pre-bed with a head full of anxiety. War & Peace is judging you from the corner but a few lines of Rupi Kaur won't satiate. This Lydia Davis collection from the 80s is a great place to start, with digestible prose on life as a woman navigating sex, relationships and identity. You can listen to the titular story here. Eaaaasy. 

Buy the collection here


tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: ‘9 times kids were blamed for thousands of dollars worth of destruction’ via

'Adult takes selfie with art and breaks it' is a familiar story. A slight variation involving a little boy, a misguided hug of a hugely valuable statue, and the subsequent smashing of that statue into pieces has been getting a lot of airtime recently thanks to one tiny individual. Having no kids of my own I can't imagine the horror of watching them ‘bull in a china shop’ their way around an exhibition but can we really blame them for being curious? I don’t think so and quite frankly it makes for good viewing. With that in mind, this little article made me lol. 

Read the piece here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

WATCH: Khalid’s Tiny Desk Concert

Anna and I had a recent chat about the ‘BBC Sound Of..’ poll and how accurate they had been over the years. Turns out – a few hits but mostly misses. This year in 4th place came American R&B up-and-comer Khalid and we are thinking maybe he should have won? Just take a look at his Tiny Desk concert from this week, his voice melts butter and debut single ‘Location’ has gone four times platinum! FYI Sigrid won the poll this year and I love her too.  

Watch the performance here

tung magazine sunday roundup

LATE TO THE PARTY: Baba Stillz, Showtime EP

Baba Stillz is a name I was not familiar with until recently, but he grabbed my attention ahead of his first live performance in Westfield with the recent Showtime EP. It's so diverse that, in many ways, it resembles a compilation EP as Stillz switches from jazz, deep house and break-beat. It’s no surprise he has been snapped up by XL Recordings and there's clearly an album in the offing. When he becomes a superstar, pretend you heard the name here first. Top Track: ‘Maze’.

Listen to the EP here