The Roundup 22.07.18


tung magazine sunday roundup ella mai boo'd up

LISTEN: Ella Mai, ‘Boo’d Up (With Nicki Minaj & Quavo - Remix)’

‘Boo’d Up’ lived a life before Nicki and Quavo rocked up. Originally written in 2014 by US songwriter Joelle James, she passed it onto Ella Mai of UK X Factor ‘fame’ in 2017. The track then hopped back over the pond, into the charts, and onto Nicki’s radar. Kinda sucks that a British R&B gal needs a celeb remix before we pay attention, but not really because I'm listening and I LOVE.

Listen to the track here

tung magazine sunday roundup ella mai boo'd up

READ: ‘The Backlash Against The Birth Control App’, The Guardian

Trusting an app in your baby prevention game sounds frankly fucking horrifying, but over 700,000 gals are using Natural Cycles, and too many are getting pregnant. With so many methods of contraception available, women switching to ‘natural’ birth control feels like a scary symptom of the anti-science brigade, and ultimately it's women who are getting scammed. Thoughts?

Read the piece here

tung magazine sunday roundup ella mai boo'd up

SCROLL: Penguins of the Month, Twitter

Look I'm not gonna pretend this cerebral, but it's a wholesome joy. The National Aquarium of New Zealand have been doing the lords work, aka monthly ‘naughty/good penguin of the month’, archived into one sweet Twitter thread. I don't wanna spoil it for you, but there's DRAMA. Penguins thrown off piers, penguins helping their blind girlfriend, penguins getting in with the wrong crowd. Sunday soothing. 

Feast your eyes on some penguins here


tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: ‘What Do We Want From Chance The Rapper?’, The Vulture

Cancel culture is rancid, isn’t it? For sure, I think its necessary to be critical of our problematic faves, and I do strongly believe that there are certain people in the public eye who do not deserve a platform, but, as Craig Jenkins asks in this measured piece, ‘where is the line?’ Such is the nature of the internet, Chance The Rapper is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t when it comes to faith, tough talk, and money talk. Chance is a human man who has, from what I can see at least, good intentions — let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Read the piece here

tung magazine sunday roundup

WATCH: Diana Ross Live 1983 in Central Park - Reach Out and Touch

Rain? What is rain? It’s been so long since I’ve seen a single drop of the stuff that this video of Diana Ross performing live during an apocalyptic looking downpour took me a sec to process. But oh, when I did — whadda woman! Diana looks like a literal goddess in that sparkling bodysuit, swathes of silken fabric billowing behind her as though she’s flying through the night. An inspired performance by one of the true greats, this is well worth a watch, 25 years on. 

Watch the performance here

FROM THE VAULTS: A letter from Ursula Le Guin to

I stumbled across this on journalist and novelist Caroline O’Donoghue’s excellent Twitter feed (thanks Caroline!). It’s Ursula Le Guin’s response to a request that she supply a blurb for Synergy: New Science Fiction, Volume 1. RIP Ursula you absolute legend!

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 15.19.43.png