The Roundup 20.05.18

It can be tough, when faced with the eat-sleep-work-repeat grind, to keep on top of capital C Culture. That's why, every Sunday, the Tung team has a lil tete-a-tete in which we discuss all the podcasts, articles, songs, films, and TV we've loved over the past week. We choose our favourites and package them up in The Roundup to save you the legwork.


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SCROLL: @tobyziff on Instagram

London is obviously a huge mess of a city, and representations in art or photography often miss the mark when it comes to how it *really* feels. Toby Ziff is some sorta stealth photographer managing to catch candids of us norms going about our days, from the drunken to the domestic. See today's insta story on the theme of uncontrolled iPhone headphones.  

Catch the Insta story here

tung magazine sunday roundup interview review culture

READ:  'Never-Before-Seen Photos of Dalí Prove His Wife Was More Than a Muse', VICE

One day I'll stop being such a Dalí fan-girl I promise, but today is not that day. Kinda as he intended, Dalí's work eclipsed his private life, leaving us with a lot of unanswered questions and little more than some tidbits like 'really loved his wife' and 'enjoyed watching orgies'. I don't love this headline because duh, Gala was more than a muse, but the photos she took of her man are still endearingly intimate, if not hugely illuminating. 

Image: Gala Dalí, Image Rights of Salvador Dalí reserved. Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Figueres, 2018

Read the article here

tung magazine sunday roundup interview review culture

WATCH: 'Kim Kardashian West Takes On Prison Reform', Mic

Ok ok so Mrs West has had a problematic week, and her side gig as a lollipop mogul has limited the exposure of this way more important issue. Taken with a big ol' pinch of salt, Kim claims to have lost the joy in shopping sprees and wants to spent her money on something worthy, aka lobbying Jared Kushner. She's speaking out for the release of Alice Johnson, given a lifetime sentence in 1996 for her first non-violent drug offence. I'll let you make your own mind up. 

Watch the video here


tung magazine sunday roundup review interview

READ: YouTube Music, a new music streaming service

I feel this was one of the stranger announcements from this week. So, according to Elias Roman (Product Manager at YouTube Music) the world needs one more music streaming service. Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal are all doing it wrong, apparently. It will cost the same, look the same and function like the rest of your current streaming services but I guess it will now be easier to search for rubbish covers and dog videos? Anyway, this blog post gives you all the deets.  

Read the blog post here.

tung magazine sunday roundup review interview

LISTEN: Disclosure 'Ultimatum'

After what feels like a gazillion years the Disclosure boys are back. New single ‘Ultimatum’ is 5 minutes long and features a lovely sample from Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara. To say they are back to their best would be ridiculously premature but the track does contain a lot more of the charm and dynamism of Settle rather than the repetitive banality of Caracal – if by saying that I've 100% jinxed it I can only apologise. Suffice to say that it's bouncy, summery and hopefully a return to form.

Listen here.