The Roundup 17.06.18

It can be tough, when faced with the eat-sleep-work-repeat grind, to keep on top of capital C Culture. That's why, every Sunday, the Tung team has a lil tete-a-tete in which we discuss all the podcasts, articles, songs, films, and TV we've loved over the past week. We choose our favourites and package them up in The Roundup to save you the legwork.


tung magazine sunday roundup

LISTEN: Mostly Lit with Arundhati Roy

Alex Reads, Derek Owusu and Rai of Mostly Lit have been killing it since day one, but their latest episode is a particular gem. They’ve managed to snag Man Booker Prize winning author and activist Arundhati Roy, and in her first ever podcast interview she talks about her new novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, her hiatus from fiction, and the emotional, psychological differences between writing fiction and non-fiction. Don’t sleep on this one. 

tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: Alice Glass on leaving Crystal Castles: ‘The cruelty never ceases to amaze me’, by Laura Snapes in The Guardian

Sorry to be such a stan, but Laura Snapes is in the Roundup again. Her music writing is some of my favourite of the genre, and this profile of ex-Crystal Castles member and current solo performer Alice Glass is up there with the best of it. It’s delicate and keenly observed and gives Glass the space to speak about her experiences of alleged abuse at the hands of her ex-bandmate Ethan Kath. It’s chilling to read her account of the ways in which Kath and the myriad men she was surrounded with during her time in the band manipulated her, but she deserves so much admiration for summoning the strength for coming out the other side. 

Read the piece here. 

tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: Dead Girls by Abigail Tarttelin

Having snaffled up Abigail Tartellin’s Golden Boy in the space of a day earlier this month, this week it was the turn of her most recent novel, Dead Girls. Thank god I’ll have to wait a while for her next publication, because I wouldn’t get away with many more of these totally work-free days I’m randomly gifting myself in order to find out what happens to Abigail’s characters. Dead Girls is the story of an eleven-year-old girl bent on avenging the murder of her best friend, and it’s not only a one-two punch to the gut but also a crucial switch-up of the epic narrative; the girls are the unapologetic heroes of this story. 


tung magazine sunday roundup


Announcing a new album at a stadium show a risky move. I think multiple people had heart attacks. I myself am also dead. This video shows the collective LOSING OF MINDS that happened at the On The Run II tour last night. Walking off stage bein' all coy about 'new visuals for a special project' we get the first play of APESHIT. Couldn't be more hyped. Thrilled. What fun. Oh sorry what does that 50ft screen say? ALBUM OUT NOW? Get yourself that Tidal free trial ASAP kids, The Carters didn't come to play. 

Watch the video for APESHIT here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

READ: 'You Don't Like Love Island Because It Reminds You Of Your Dad Bod', Romesh Ranganathan in The Guardian 

I've always been a fan of Romesh, but even more so now he's joined our ranks in silencing the Love Island haters and calling out intellectual elitism. As I wrote in this piece last week, apathy is so much cooler, and although Romesh admits the villa isn't for him, he can still spot pop culture snobbery a mile off. Now, how long until The Guardian boot Jonathan Jones for good measure?

Read the piece here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

LATE TO THE PARTY: Tom Misch, Geography

I actually came across Tim Misch from an Amoeba Records 'What's In My Bag' video, which was a kinda perfect way to be introduced to an artist. I could tell from his picks of extended disco mixes, D'Angelo and jazz that I was into his music taste, and wow he released a whole album in April!? 'Geography' totally passed me by at the time but is a solid funky/chill guitar-driven record, some faves being 'Disco Yes' and 'You're On My Mind'. 

Stream the album here.


tung magazine sunday roundup


David Rodigan MBE is one of the UK’s most celebrated DJ’s and this mini-doc in collaboration with the Museum of London showcases not only the passion that Rodigan has for Jamaican music but that Jamaican music has for David Rodigan. Despite a brief acting career, a 12-year stint on Kiss FM and numerous sound clash victories, this beloved pioneer shows no signs of slowing down. We have had 40 years of ‘Give Me Some Signal’ and I for one hope it continues for a lot longer. 

Watch the doc here.

tung magazine sunday roundup


The hotly tipped debut from SOPHIE does not disappoint – ignore the Guardian review, they are wrong. In a world of horrendously repetitive pop music it’s cheering to hear an album that succeeds in its mission to go against the grain. With heavy warped tracks like ‘Ponyboy’ and ‘Faceshopping’ I can almost forgive her involvement in the woeful ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’. I said almost... OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES gives SOPHIE’s Glaswegian punch the platform it needs. 

Listen to the album here.

tung magazine sunday roundup

WATCH: Midland DJ Set at Dekmantel

Midland might be the Tung’s favourite DJ, it’s one of the few things we can actually agree on. He was undoubtedly the highlight of our time at GALA festival (make sure you check out our review of the festival if you haven’t already), so now's as good a time as any to revisit his set from the 2015 edition of Dekmantel which is, naturally, nigh on perfect. Striking the perfect balance of house/disco and techno, Midland is a good time guy and an expert in crowd-reading. In anticipation of a full video of his set at AVA festival, enjoy this perfect mix for all occasions. 

Watch the set here