The Roundup 15.10.17

Life is busy. It’s easy to make it to Sunday night without having engaged in much past the eat - sleep - work - repeat grind. Here to make it easier for you to find little cultural nuggets to brighten up the week are the Tung Team - Anna, Jacob and Sarah - who have kept our ears to the ground from Monday to Sunday, rooting out our favourite bits and pieces from the week, so you don’t have to.


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ZINE: Tabloid Art History Vol. 1

Tabloid Art History has, over the last year or so, fast become one of The Tung’s favourite Twitter accounts. Their mission is to give equal weight to high culture and pop culture, blasting the notion of the accepted canon. This week the TAH gals released the first issue of their zine and it is INCREDIBLE. We got an article comparing the performative female power of Beyonce and Isabella d’Este, a reading of boyband aesthetic as evocative of the Ancient Greek ephebe for the Classics nerds (me), and an exploration of Instagram and the aesthetic of Jean Cocteau to name a FEW. You can read it online for free because the people at TAH are good like that but do consider buying a copy - it’s beautiful. 

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ARTICLE: ‘Short Cuts’ by Lucy Prebble via LRB Online

There’s been so much written about the recent Weinstein nightmare that it’s difficult to engage in without feeling like you’re diving down a miserable rabbit hole. It’s tough to read this stuff, but read it we must. My favourite playwright, the super smart Lucy Prebble, has weighed in with her own Weinstein story, using it as a spring board to jump into a sensitive exploration of the reasons women often stay quiet after suffering through inappropriate and abusive behaviour. Read the piece here

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LATE TO THE PARTY: Margaret Atwood: Once In August via the NFB

Regrettably, I missed Margaret Atwood’s recent talk at the Southbank, and again when she went to Oxford (my hometown), so I’ve been trying to get my fix elsewhere. Mark Rubbo’s Once In August (1985) is less watchable for real insight into Atwood’s process (though it’s super interesting to see her in her natural habitat - a tiny remote island in Canada - surrounded by her family, living off the land) than it is for the lols of watching Atwood subtly burn Rubbo as he asks inane questions and mansplains her work. Once In August definitely doesn’t mean to be hilarious, but my god it is. Watch it here


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SONG: Haim ‘That Don't Impress Me Much’

Posted weeks ago as a 'Like A Version' for radio station Triple J (ugh that title tho), this Shania cover somehow brings out the best of Haim in a way recent album 'Something To Tell You' maybe didn't. Sensing the demand and spying the millions of YouTube views, the girls added it to their Spotify canon this week - your new soundtrack for casting withering looks at boys. Listen here

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SONG: The Karma Repair Kit 'Irony' & zine

Bristol boys The Karma Repair Kit don't care what you think about them, and have no interest in making music for the masses. That said, they're a cute bunch of lads trying to make good old fashioned psychedelic rock, and fair play to them. With a solid new single and cute lil zine too (with a crossword!) they're back in top form after a brief hiatus. Take a look here

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'Late to the party' is perhaps excessive, but when I saw Kali Uchis on Jools Hollands' 25th anniversary show at the Albert Hall she'd clearly slipped past my radar on her way to recognition. Looking a total babe in a cut-out blue catsuit, Kali is the kinda gal who stands out in a room as vast as the Albert Hall, and with dreamy vocals to match she's one to keep an eye on. Watch her JH performance here