The Roundup 10.09.17

Life is busy. It’s easy to make it to Sunday night without having engaged in much past the eat - sleep - work - repeat grind. Here to make it easier for you to find little cultural nuggets to brighten up the week are the Tung Team - Anna, Jacob and Sarah - who have kept our ears to the ground from Monday to Sunday, rooting out our favourite bits and pieces from the week, so you don’t have to.


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ALBUM: Mount Kimbie 'Love What Survives'

The London duo strike again. No surprises here at all, the lead single 'Blue Train Lines', featuring the eclectic Kid Krule, smashed straight into the Tung’s Tunes playlist and received critical and commercial success. Whilst they may seem an age away from ‘Maybes’ (top tip: the James Blake Remix of this is something to sink your teeth into) Dominic Maker and Kai Campos are still pioneers of contemporary electronic sound. Listen to the album here. 

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ARTICLE: Berghain To Host 46-Hour Art Marathon, The Art Newspaper

This week I was ecstatic to read that a number of Berlin based galleries are starting the season off with a 46 hour marathon conversation at the home of German techno, Berghain. I pretty much jumped out of my seat, marvelling at the power and respect the German club holds, with its High Culture (tax benefiting) status, particularly in contrast to the current state of affairs in our night life scene. As we face yet another closure here in the UK (Oxford’s The Cellar) the inaugural Art Berlin Fair kicks off with a marriage of two cultural practices; sort it out London. Read the piece here

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Darren Aronofsky’s latest cinematic masterpiece Mother!  has already been cloaked in both mystery and controversy. In anticipation, I re-watched The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke’s Oscar winning performance is a masterclass in self-loathing, self-pity and (at times literally) self-flagellation. The fact that it essentially mirrors the actor’s own life is no accident and, like all of Aronofsky’s movies, leaves you deeply disturbed. Watch the trailer here


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FILM: God’s Own Country

‘Brokeback Mountain set in the Yorkshire Dales’ does this film a disservice, but you get the gist. Not your tried and tested coming out tale, farmer Johnny’s love interest Gheorge faces far greater prejudice for his Romanian heritage than his sexuality. Behind the gritty sex scenes, this is relevant and genuinely moving love story – just don’t take your Mum. Watch the trailer here. 

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PODCAST: My Dad Wrote A Porno - Series 3 Finale

I’m clearly not educating you on a small undiscovered podcast here, by the series finale of My Dad Wrote A Porno was genuinely SO GOOD. Following our heroine Belinda Blumenthal, the final chapter is as appalling written and sexually horrifying as the last. You’ll be ugly laughing on the tube, with a huge plot twist that had everyone thinking ‘wait, was that actually... well written!?’. Listen here.  

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Spare me your judgement, I have OF COURSE had this on repeat since it came out in April, but after Trim declared LOYALTY his favourite track of 2017 in this Get To Know, I had to dive back in. With time to settle and move away from the initial hype of DNA and HUMBLE, I’ve been drawn to LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI and XXX. FEAT. U2, and when I saw ‘drawn’ I mean: on repeat all week. Listen here


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READING: ‘Rock’s Not Dead, It's Ruled By Women: The Round-Table Conversation’ by Joe Coscarelli in The New York Times

If you think the guitar band seems to be turning into a relic of the past, think again. While the once ubiquitous all-male rock group might be suffering under the weight of pop and electronic music in the charts, women-fronted guitar bands are making some of the most vital music around.  In this round-table discussion with the minds and talent behind Vagabon, Soccer Mommy, Diet Cig, Sad13, Snail Mail, Downtown Boys, Sheer Mag, and War on Women, we get an insight into the tribulations of being female and in the music industry, but also a defiant reminder that they’re out there smashing up venues and inspiring a new generation. Read the piece here. 

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WATCHING: Princess Nokia’s cinematic new music video ‘Flava’

We’ve been obsessed with Princess Nokia ever since The Fader released their 16 minute documentary ‘DESTINY’ (if you haven’t seen it, get to know). Her latest video ‘Flava’ opens with a quiet meditation inciting self-love in the face of oppression and appropriation by the mainstream media, before smashing into a hard new track which features on the 1992 Deluxe album, released just a couple of days ago. Princess Nokia is just what the industry needs right now - don’t let this one pass you by. Watch it here. 

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LATE TO THE PARTY: StyleLikeU What’s Underneath YouTube series

For those who don’t know, What’s Underneath is a series run by mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum which gives a raw, honest voice to individuals (mostly female-identified) as they answer a series of questions about themselves, their lives, and their style, all while taking off items of clothing until they’re left in their underwear (to match their bared souls). I’d watched the Adwoa Aboah and Jemima Kirke edition a while ago, but had never properly gone in and let me tell you: this series deserves a binge. Watch it here