The Roundup 08.07.18

It can be tough, when faced with the eat-sleep-work-repeat grind, to keep on top of capital C Culture. That's why, every Sunday, the Tung team has a lil tete-a-tete in which we discuss all the podcasts, articles, songs, films, and TV we've loved over the past week. We choose our favourites and package them up in The Roundup to save you the legwork.


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WATCH: 'Nanette', Netflix

I suck, because Hannah Gadsby was nowhere near my radar before I dived straight into her magnum opus, 'Nanette'. Thankfully word of mouth is still going strong in the age of the algorithm, and I would highly recommend this show, which is *technically* a comedy set, but also a TED talk and diary reading in one. Tackling her lesbianism growing up in homophobic Tasmania, sexual abuse and refusal to be angry, 'Nanette' made me laugh and cry, my fave simultaneous moods.

Watch here.


LISTEN: 'Doesn't matter', Christine and the Queens

I am a big fan of Christine and the Queens. I first fell for Héloïse Letissier (whatta name) after her Jules Holland performances, and her first record 'Charleur Humaine'. With her second album 'Chris' due in September and following 'Girlfriend', 'Doesn't matter' is the best song about faltering faith since 'Losing My Religion'. Which is maybe not hard, but there's also a French version for days when you don't wanna get so existential - it's still a bop. 

Watch the music video here. 


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READ: Fandom Has Cunning Ways of Finding Our Strongest Gifs: The Re-queering Of ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s so much to love about Luca Guadagnino’s film adaptation of Call Me By Your Name. It is, however, disappointing that he shied away from explicit presentation of queer sex. This piece in Another Gaze is not only beautifully written, but also a keenly observed interpretation of CMBYN’s Tumblr fandom. In creating GIFs of the film’s key erotic scenes, Katherine Connell argues, fans find a way of extending fleeting sexual moments, looping them eternally, and therefore recreating scenes that luxuriate in Elio and Oliver’s sexual connection in the way the characters (and the film’s queer audience) deserve.

Read the piece here.

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READ: Crudo by Olivia Laing

Olivia Laing’s Crudo is a strange beast. Written in ‘real time’ last summer, Laing combines her own persona with that of the late American writer Kathy Acker to document an all-too-easily recognisable moment in time as the world edges towards apocalypse. It’s a bold move — drawing parallels between oneself and a massively radical, massively revered artist — and one I’m not sure Laing gets away with. Hubris aside, Crudo is stylistically brave and, for a novel about lounging in the sun, getting married, and having dinner parties, undeniably compelling. 

Buy the book here.

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LISTEN: Anna Meredith ‘Anno / Four Seasons: Stoop - Spring’ 

Tung fave Anna Meredith’s at it again with the release of the whirling, amorphous, orchestral-electronic collection of bangers that is…a reinterpretation of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’? Sure, sounds about right. Having released ‘Winter’ a few weeks back, this week was the turn of ‘Stoop - Spring’. Keeping the same repetitive melody at its core, Anna builds layer upon layer upon layer of instrumental texture until we’ve got something more akin to prog rock than classical music. What can I say — she’s a genius. 

Listen to the track here


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Listen: Let’s Eat Grandma, I’m All Ears

We love a bit of synthpop at Tung HQ but even I didn’t think I would like the second Let’s Eat Grandma record as much as I do. Despite the youthfulness of its creators, the album feels mature and packs a real punch – opener ‘Whitewater’ feels straight out of 2001 or Interstellar. ‘Falling Into Me’ with its synth stabs and ‘Donnie Darko’ with its electro 4 to the floor rhythm are my favourites but tbh it's all good, almost to the point of flawlessness. Suffice to say I’d rather they had done a 25 track-er than Drake.

Listen to the track here.

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READ: 'Controversial copyright law rejected by EU parliament' via BBC

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the WWW inventor Tim Berners-Lee, and even Stephen Fry are against the new copyright rules but how else can we make Youtube, Google and Facebook pay more for use of copyrighted material? The music industry took a massive hit yesterday when the EU voted not to import new rules that some are arguing would lead to further internet censorship. It’s a balancing act between creativity and suppression that will be further debated in September.

Read the piece here.

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LATE TO THE PARTY: If I Think of Germany At Night

If I’m perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure what to think of Boiler Room’s new 4:3 platform. Am I the only one that wishes they were still just a forum for badly filmed, badly lit but brilliant DJ sets from underground pioneers? That said, they are giving you a chance to watch one of the best Techno documentaries of the past 10 years. Interviews with Villalobos, Move D and Roman Flügel exploring the power of minimalism makes this a weekend must-watch.

Watch the doc here.