The Roundup 03.06.18


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READ: “The Trumpian Dissonance Of Kanye West’s ‘Violent Crimes’” by Hannah Giorgis in The Atlantic

In The Tung’s recent First Thoughts piece on Kanye West’s new album Ye, I said that I hate ‘Violent Crimes’, and in this great piece Hannah Giorgis articulates precisely why. She exposes just how gross paternalistic overprotectiveness is, particularly when wrapped up alongside a purported newfound respect for women since having a daughter. It’s not okay to only care about the wellbeing of women when they’re in close proximity to you, Kanye — let your daughters live!

Read the article here

tung magazine sunday roundup art music theatre culture

LISTEN: Kamasi Washington’s Kamasi Selects Playlist

I’ve been absolutely rinsing Kamasi Washington’s recently released singles in anticipation of his forthcoming album, so this 20 song playlist is a nice bit of extra Kamasi-adjacent content. Made up of his singles, influences, favourite tracks and a few he’s been involved in the making of, this is making for a pretty good Sunday listen right now. 

Listen to the playlist here

tung magazine sunday roundup art music theatre culture

READ: ‘Golden Boy’ by Abigail Tarttelin

Ooof. So since Abigail Tarttelin’s new novel Dead Girls recently landed on my doorstep, I decided to prep by reading some of her previous work, and wow am I glad I did. I devoured Golden Boy, the story of an inter-sex teenager dealing with the fallout of a sexual assault and a lifetime spent being shielded from his potential identity by his parents, in literally one day. It’s a searing, brutal, yet totally beautiful book that should be read by everyone from teenagers to parents of teenagers and beyond. 

Buy Golden Boy here


tung magazine sunday roundup art music theatre culture

LISTEN: Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one o' those 'Internet famous' people your parents moan about, notable for his daily vlogs (uggggh) and legion of teenage boy fans. Meanwhile his wife is a lil baddie with no fucks to give and no time for YouTube. Way more interesting in her own right, Candice began this podcast as a way to prove she's 'not a total bitch', but totally owning that maybe she is. It's like overhearing the juiciest arguments on the tube but with New York accents and less eye contact.

Listen to the podcast here. 

tung magazine sunday roundup art music theatre culture

WATCH: Cargo, Netflix

Apparently I'm an old man and got this recommendation via Mark Kermode, but I mostly watched it because I'm into both zombie apocalypses and Martin Freeman looking like a hedgehog. Spoilers! It's a zombie film with Martin Freeman. A straight-to-Netflix treat like 'Annihilation', 'Cargo' was way better than my low expectations. A low-gore take on the genre, given a new backdrop in the Australian outback and different 'bite' trajectory to the usual, it's a fun midweek watch.

Watch the trailer here.

tung magazine sunday roundup art music theatre culture

LATE TO THE PARTY: 'Emotion' by Carly Rae Jepsen

Um, so this is a really good album?? I think I'd heard the rumblings of 'ye it's good' in most 2015 end of year album reviews, but I was a prejudiced baby saturated with 'Call Me Maybe'. Past me is a FOOL because this album is one long bop, specifically 'Run Away With Me', and more specifically still the 15 second sax intro. I walked through London on a sunny day to this album, and it was kinda ideal. 

Listen to the album here


  • Ben Howard has a new album out, Noonday Dream, which sounds like his previous album, and I'm very chill with that.
  • Did you read this piece about Anna Delvey!? She convinced New York she was a German heiress and New York put her in jail.
  • The ever excellent St Vincent has released a rework of 'Slow Disco' which she introduced via Twitter with the words, 'i always felt this song could wear many different outfits and live many different lives. here she is in disco pants, sweating on a new york dance floor.' Perfect.