Singles Of The Month: October 2017


George Fitzgerald ‘Burns’

George Fitzegerald first came to my attention after the release of his Child EP on Will Saul’s AUS label and it remains a favourite to this day. After listening to his newer work, Child comes across as light and breezy in comparison. New single ‘Burns’ powerful, driven by a beat of intergalactic proportions. For all its muscularity, Fitzgerald keep things simple, building tension before eventually hitting us with a tidal wave of sound. This is music for both personal and public listening, and I cant wait to hear it in a dark room through a proper sound system. 

Gengahr 'Mallory'

It’s fair to say we are pretty big fans of indie rockers Gengahr. We recently spoke to bassist Hugh about their forthcoming album, and ‘She’s A Witch’ from their debut made it into The Tung’s Greatest Hits Playlist (is there a greater accolade? Probably not). The boys are back with ‘Mallory’, the second single from upcoming album Where Wilderness Grows. ‘Mallory’ demonstrates the band’s ability for rich, texturing writing, and the capacity for evolution. The track barely lets you breathe, instead incasing you in an haze of guitars, bass, and falsetto vocals; it’s an intoxicating experience, and has us itching to hear the full album when it’s released next year.

Smerz ‘Half Life'

XL Recordings has historically done an excellent job of snapping up the most exciting experimental producers (though it’s a shame they won’t give Jai Paul a little push to release some more music!) - and Norwegian duo Smerz are the London label’s latest triumph. Smerz don’t conform to traditional song structure; emphasis is on creating atmospheres, not choruses. ‘Half Life’ is much darker than previous releases like ‘Because’ or ‘Oh My My’. It’s a claustrophobic track that more like a spoken word poem than a song, the pounding kick serving as a click track, setting the pace and keeping us locked in. Keep your ears to the ground for their next release. 

Everything Is Recorded, Syd, Sampha ‘Show Love’ 

…and if one XL tune wasn’t enough, here’s another, and from the label head Richard Russell no less. His debut EP Close But Not Quite came out earlier this year to critical acclaim, and he returns now with new R&B cut ‘Show Love’. It’s a sensual slow-burner, with both Sampha and Syd’s light-as-air vocals hanging breathily over a lush instrumental. Bedroom vibe all the way.

Miya Folick ‘Give It To Me’ 

The centre-piece to Miya Folick’s recently released EP, ‘Give It To Me’ is a song that could mean a thousand different things for a thousand different people. Languorous verses give way to a scream-into-the-void impeachment to a lover / a friend / an industry / the universe to make good on a promise of happiness. Since it came out, I’ve been listening to it every morning before starting to write, and my god it’s made me hungry for what I want… 

U.S Girls ‘Mad As Hell’ 

Literally what isn’t there to be mad about right now. I don’t even know where to start. Same for Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meghan Remy, who refigures her disdain for Obama’s on-the-DL war-mongering (take ‘you took me for an 8 year ride though you were never by my side’ and ‘we watched your hair go grey, that stressful manly shade’ as evidence) as a partner in a bad relationship. It’s great songwriting, and cast in the form of pop music, which enables her to slip her message into our ears all the more easily,