Singles Of The Month: June 2018


Charli XCX ‘No Angel’ 

Here’s our girl again, continuing to dominate the alt-pop game. Sure, ‘No Angel’ could conceivably have been released by Aqua in the 90s, but literally what is wrong with that? It’s an absolute banger, made to shine all the more brightly by SOPHIE and Invisible Men’s technicolour production. The track sees Charli trying to convince a potential lover (and, probably, herself?) that she could be persuaded to turn the heat down on the wild partying for the right person. Considering that ’No Angel’ makes me want to drink 17 vodka cranberries and get immediately to the dance-floor, I’d say that in writing it she may have shot herself in the foot…

Mitski ‘Nobody’ 

Last month ‘Geyser’, the first single since the Puberty 2 album cycle, made it onto the Best Singles list for its pure, unadulterated emotion. Now’s the time of ‘Nobody’, and although it couldn’t stand in starker contrast to its predecessor in terms of tone, we’ve been just as taken by it. On this one, the guitar takes a back-seat, leaving the way clear for stabbing, disco-inflected piano chords. When the chorus kicks in, Mitski’s voice is pure 60s soul — just let it wash over you like a wave.

Oliver Coates ‘A Church’ 

As Coates prepares to release an album, Shelley's On Zenn-La, this September, ‘A Church’ offers a stained-glass window into the kind of work he’s been making recently. Hypnotic bass lines intertwine with one another beneath chrysanthemum bear’s etherial voice. Her vocals are kept partially hidden behind the veil of Coates’ production — she’s like a siren beckoning her listener deeper into ‘the forest’ with her song. It’s a textured track that rewards multiple listens, so sit back and give it some time. 

Jelani Blackman ‘Go Low ft. NewAgeMuzik’ 

Jelani Blackman is playing the long game. His first release, ‘Twenty//Three’, was back in 2015, and he’s been grinding and growing as an artist ever since. Where his last EP 5-8 was dark, moody quartet of tracks, ‘Go Low’ sees Blackman leave the shadows and enter a technicolour new musical world. His voice, deep and commanding, smoulders beneath super-bright production, signifying a curve in a different direction. We’re looking forward to seeing where this one goes. 

The Carters ‘Apeshit’ 

Look right, despite the absolute FURORE that surrounded the surprise release of Everything Is Love and the absolutely indisputable perfection that is the ‘Apeshit’ video, I wasn’t immediately taken with the track itself. It was too inflected with all the production flourishes that everyone else is doing — that Migos-esque repetition of literally every lyric, that trap-lite beat. I do stand by that even now, but that does not prevent it from being an unmitigated banger that I canNOT stop listening to. No point fighting it, Beyoncé kills it dead, who am I to try to argue otherwise. 

Girl Unit, Kelela ‘WYWD - Remix’

Hellooooo song of The Tung’s summer, great to finally meet you. All of this is just great — Kelela’s sensual, honeyed voice, those light as air xylophone tones, the bird song! It’s the perfect tune to get on the speakers at 8pm after a sun-soaked day drinking with your friends. It could be the track to rev the party back up to dance-level, or to keep it chill: it’s totally up to you. 

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