The Tung's Tunes Playlist: what we're blasting at Tung HQ


Every week, we update the Tung's Tunes spotify playlist with the (mostly) new music we're into right now. We find the songs ourselves, as we're pottering about. It's not about press releases or favours to PRs. Everything you'll find on the playlist is 100% being listened to on repeat at Tung HQ. Sometimes we'll update with 10 tracks, sometimes with 15, sometimes (like today) with 7. It depends what's resonating from week to week! Here's what we love right now... 


I’m totally in love with this The 1975 album cycle already. ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is my new crying tune (who doesn’t need one of those), and ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’ is my new get-low-in-the-club, alt-pop-version-of-one-dance and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Christine & The Queens ‘5 dollars’ 

Gotta say guys, I thought ‘Girlfriend’ was only okay. A jam to be sure, but I like lyrics, and they were just a little too abstract for me. By contrast ‘5 dollars’ contains a little more narrative, and feels so much more full of feeling. 

Cat Power, Lana Del Rey ‘Woman’ 

What a combo, what a collab! Lana Del Rey joins Chan Marshall here for a subtly emotionally charged musing on womanhood and, totally unsurprisingly, it’s a match made in heaven. Their voices blend, like two friends intertwining fingers. It’s a simple song, but no less a moving expression of solidarity. 

IDLES ‘Great’ 

I came to IDLES late but as of the last couple of months I am all in. They’re paving the way for their second album, Joy As An Act Of Resistance, with the release of a series of politically-charged singles that are as blistering as they are thoughtful. Where ‘Danny Nedelko’ is a celebration of immigrant communities and ‘Samaritans’ comments on toxic masculinity, ‘Great’ deals with the mindlessness of Brexit Britain. This is an important band for difficult times. 

Wise Blood ‘B.I.G. E.G.O’ 

With that ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ synth-organ intro and ‘When The Levee Breaks’ drum pattern, Wise Blood had me at hello. ‘B.I.G E.G.O’ is one of four tracks on recently reissued +, first-released in 2010. It was one of the world’s first introductions to the sample-laden work of Wise Blood aka Chris Laufman.

Blood Orange ‘Charcoal Baby’ 

Praise be to the gods of music for bringing Blood Orange back to us. ‘Charcoal Baby’, like ‘Jewelry’ that came before it, isn’t so far removed from the hazy tones of Dev Hyne’s 2016 album Freetown Sound and that’s no bad thing at all. Having said that, the Chilli Peppers-inflected guitar lick we hear on ‘Charcoal Baby’ lifts the song to a higher plane that I hope we’ll hear more of on Negro Swan

REINEN ‘Masquerade’ 

I had to listen to this one a few times before I started to feel it, not gonna lie. ‘Masquerade’ is a decidedly strange song — big synth strings stab dramatically beneath REINEN’s Kate Bush-esque  delivery. It’s big, certainly, but there’s a restraint there too. Give it a try. 


Anything you loved this week that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!