Introducing: The Deezer Originals Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

It seems bizarre to think that, up until only about eighteen months ago, podcasts weren’t really a thing for most of the Tung team. Sure, we were pottering about listening to Women’s Hour recordings or football roundups, but still we hadn’t yet properly taken the plunge. Flash forward to now, and we’re totally obsessed. Rarely does a cooking session, commute, or even two-minute dash to the shops for milk occur without a talk-show soundtrack. Such is the volume of podcasts we consume on such a regular basis, recently we’ve been feeling a little stuck in a podcast rut. The time has come to shake things up. 

Over the last couple of months we’ve been trialling Deezer, an alternative music streaming service that keeps everything in one place - tunes, playlists, Iive radio, live sports (for the football fans among us - hi Jacob), UK charts and, most pertinent to this particular ramble, podcasts. It hosts all our faves - The High Low, The Adam Buxton Podcast, The Debrief Podcast - but it also plays host to some cracking Deezer Originals which have begun to work their way into our heaving podcast schedules. 

These three in particular have become stalwart features of our day-to-day routines. 

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1. Talk Stew with Reggie Yates

I was seven when Reggie Yates first appeared on TV, and he’s remained a consistent figure of the UK entertainment industry ever since. I’d know his voice anywhere, so it makes sense that Talk Stew, his podcast with old friends writer/producer Owen Cutts and photographer and director Uzo Oleh feels so familiar. In each episode, Reggie, Owen, and Uzo welcome a new guest (past invitees have included) David Baddiel, Romesh Ranganathan, and Little Simz to name but a few) into their makeshift studio to have a natter. The main focus is supposed to be on the guest, but endearingly they often end up veering wildly off track, often winding up somewhere totally random. It’s compelling and comforting in equal measure, and we’ve found ourselves impatient for the weekly update. 

Listen to Talk Stew here.

the tung magazine culture what's on deezer originals podcasts talk stew horne section strong & stable

2. Strong & Stable with David Schneider and Ayesha Hazarika

It’s a tough time to be online right now, news-wise. Thanks to the absolutely insane times we’re knocking about in, Twitter is over-flowing with bile and national news outlets can’t necessarily be trusted to tell you how it is without photoshopping Russian hats onto our politicians. As a result, political podcasts have fast become my go-to for nuanced commentary from people I trust. David Schneider and Ayesha Hazarika’s Strong & Stable podcast is just the kind that we need - honest, scathing and really, really funny. It was born as an election show, so there are only ten episodes available at the moment, but lord knows there’s enough material for them to be getting on with in 2018. Here’s hoping for a series two! 

Listen to Strong & Stable here

the tung magazine culture what's on deezer originals podcasts talk stew horne section strong & stable

3. The Horne Section Podcast

To be completely honest, when I first listened to The Horne Section I wasn’t totally convinced. After listening to so many straight-up talk shows, I was a bit thrown by its unabashedly musical approach (we’re talking original songs, musical interludes, ramshackle quizzes), which seemed to pull focus from the guest. A few episodes in, though, and I was hooked. I realised that I’d pretty much been listening to it wrong — it’s best to look at the guests (among whom are some crackers including David Arnold, Adam Buxton, and Jessie Ware) not as interview subjects but as VIP audience members at a private musical comedy show who occasionally chip in. It’s totally bonkers but bizarrely addictive. Give it a couple of episodes to settle — you won’t regret it. 

Listen to The Horne Section Podcast here.