Get To Know: Phone Call From God

Need something to get you through those long commutes, or to brighten up a night in at home? We’ve got just the thing for you. Brand new podcast Phone Call From God is vinyl-only and genre-less, bringing you an eclectic mix of tunes new, old and everything else in between. We spoke to its founders Benedict Kay and Fred Trevor to learn more...

First things first - that’s quite a name you’ve got there. We’re guessing it’s not straight contemporary worship music, gregorian chants and Christian hymns?

When someone stumbles across our name, there are two assumptions that might spring to mind. Firstly, that we are some kind of weird evangelist radio station that you know you don’t want to listen to. We too would more than likely avoid a podcast with religious connotations. Once realising that we’re not trying to convert the non-believers, the second assumption might be that we equate our choice of music with being superior to mere humans. This too is incorrect. It just so happened that the first record played on our first podcast featured Jerry Jordan’s Phone Call From God and the name just stuck.

Artwork by Sofia Lucarelli

Artwork by Sofia Lucarelli

Okay got it. So what can we expect to hear when we tune in?

With the podcast itself, our main aim is to play a broad selection of music that can be enjoyed in most environments. There’s no planning that goes into them except for occasional samples and sound bites that we have collected throughout the week. For the time being we have stuck to vinyl only. Not because we think that the difference between digital and vinyl is vast, but because we thought it would be interesting to hear people’s physical music collections. Nowadays it’s easy to get hold of music with free online streaming services, so it’s nice to think that people are still building and treasuring their physical libraries as well as their digital ones. This is why we hope to have more guests coming in and sharing their collections with us and of course the listeners.

We’re into your focus on the personal relationship a music fan has with the music they own, and we love the idea of listeners sending in tracks they love. We hear you’re also championing artistic relationships between the podcast and its audience in another way...

A key part of Phone Call From God is the artwork. We commission amateur and professional artists to give us their visual interpretation of ‘a phone call from god’. Although we are only in the early stages of this project, we have been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions so far. We’ve had an ink drawing, embroidery, lino cuts ... even an electroluminescent wire light installation. Fucking awesome. We hoped that by doing this we could inspire some creativity from others rather than just churning out mixes from ourselves.

Artwork by Hannah Kessler.

Artwork by Hannah Kessler.

Sounds great! So what does the future hold?

In terms of future plans, I don’t think we have any. I think that’s a nice way to let these things grow. As a broad idea, we think collaboration with other art forms is a way forward, so you can expect that. In the meantime, getting more visual artists and guests to come in for mixes is what we are focussing on. 

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