How To: Survive Edinburgh Fringe


It's that time of year again! You know the one - thousands upon thousands of performers and punters alike descend on the streets of Edinburgh, all hoping to make or see something special. It can be a truly magical place, full of hope and dreams and unicorns and stuff, but it's not always all sparkles and standing ovations. Edinburgh can be GRUELLING. It's all too easy to forget you actually have something to do the next day and accidentally drink five thousand beers and go to bed at 6am a full week on the trot, and it can be a real crush. Luckily for you, dear Fringe-goer, we've asked some sweet angel fairy godmothers of the Fringe for some advice on how to get through it as unscathed as possible. Grab a notepad...

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As a punter: 

DO... go and see the show that looks the WORST. Seeing bad stuff is an integral part of the Fringe, and can be both a hilarious and bonding experience for you and whoever you're with.

DON’T…be arsehole to Flyerers. 

As a performer:

DO…invest in a Tupperware.

DON’T…go whisky tasting just before your show.

Plunge's show CLINGFILM is on at Pleasance Courtyard every night at 11pm. We talk about it on The You Do You Show here and it sounds totally hilarious. Book tickets here

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As a punter: 

DO... come to my show. 

DON'T... be mean to flyerers. Well, within reason. But seriously, "fuck off" and "no thanks" have the same number of syllables. You may be rushing to work, but flyerers are AT WORK. And no one goes to work to be harassed. Let's try not to ruin each other's days, please? 

As a performer:

DO... eat something green once in a while and remember your work comes first. It's why you're here. You don't get to tell an audience "this is usually much better" when you make a mess because you're hungover AGAIN. Sorry to sound like your mum. 

DON’T... be too much of a dick. I know where my posters are so I'll know who has taken them down to put theirs up, and you're going on my black list. I know it's dog eat dog, but dogs make better friends anyway. 

See Cat Loud (who we saw earlier this year at Vaults Festival doing her show To The End of The World - it was INCRED) perform in a variety of shows across the Fringe! Tickets here



As a punter: 

DO... put your money (and bums-on-seats) where your mouth is. Support under-represented artists! Bring a lunch box every day to help you afford to chuck a generous donation in the buckets of a Free Fringe show, and if you forgot to pack food supplies, support a local business (we like the chip shop up the road from Summerhall) 

DON'T... underestimate the time it'll take you to walk from one venue to the next. You will get lost and end up climbing the same cobbled hills over and over wondering why so many venues have basically the same names and are on opposite ends of the city. We're both dyspraxic so this happens to us a LOT, and will never stop happening, so we just learned to leave time for it and enjoy the journey. 

As an organisation: 

DO... bring portable chargers for all your devices so you can get your work done and keep yourself up-to-date wherever you are. Nothing worse than wanting to tweet a rave review only to find out you're on 9%! Also, for every rave review you wanna tweet make sure you take the opportunity to connect in person with the artist whose work you loved, tell them face-to-face how much you enjoyed their show, it'll give them a smile, remind you of the impact of the work you're doing, and you might end up with a new fringe friend. 

DON'T... over plan every minute. Keep your schedule flexible, leave time to work and rest when you need to, and to spontaneously go and see that feminist cabaret rave show that you've only just heard about. 

The Bechdel Theatre girls will be up in Edinburgh for the whole month working to platform Bechdel Test-passing shows through their famous stickers, recording podcasts, and supporting shows they love! Learn more about them via our Get To Know conversation we had with founder Beth here

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