How To Host A Podcast: with Mostly Lit

The second instalment of our How To...Host A Podcast series is here! This time we got in touch with Alex Reads, Rai, and Derek Owusu, the trio behind one of The Tung team's absolute fave podcasts, Mostly Lit. They're a group of friends who discuss literature, film and the cultural zeitgeist, keen to share ideas as they go and unafraid to challenge each other's points and positions. Their discussions are always compelling and well-informed, never pompous or pretentious, and are singlehandedly responsible for getting The Tung team back into reading, which had slipped, ironically, because we were listening to too many podcasts.

As if they hadn't already given us enough, they've also delivered on some great answers to our most pressing podcasting questions. Over to them...

Why did you bring Mostly Lit into existence? 

We all love books, film, and culture and so we wanted a space where we could talk about these things weekly. 

Later, we had always wanted to do a live show from the day the idea was conceived but it had to be the right time. When we started getting a following and the discussions heated up, we kept getting asked, “I want to know what you are all like in person.” So we decided to get on the way with live shows. 

What do you know now that you wish you’d known early on? 

Possibly, had we known how popular it would be, we could have done live shows sooner. But it's a growing industry in the UK and all we can do is learn, make mistakes and do the best we can. 

How much time do you dedicate to running Mostly Lit? 

We tend to spend up to 8 hours in total planning what we are going to read and talk about. This also includes liaising with studios, writing episode descriptions and forward planning for the rest of the year. It's exciting, and it's split among the three of us so it's manageable. 

How do you record the podcast? Do you need to buy high-tech gear? 

We record in a studio, and the equipment is provided for us. But we are aware that if we were to do remote podcasts, it would be good to get transportable equipment. There are so many brands out there, but the best bet is getting something that is affordable and can provide the best quality.


Be consistent. Be responsive to the audience. Be genuine - don't change because another podcast is changing. The audience loves YOU and that is what they signed up for. 


Don't put all of the control of your podcast into the hands of others, whether that be producers, engineers or studios. The content is yours, and you are in control of it. Make sure that you own what you make because ultimately it's your hard work that people are coming to listen to. 

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