Get To Know: Trim

Trim is a musician of many faces. Having cut his teeth as a member of the legendary grime collective Roll Deep, he's since made his name through a series of eclectic releases and collabs. The Happa produced ‘Before I Lied’ was in our Greatest Hits playlist, and needless to say we've been keeping an eye out for clues as to when the next release will come. Not content with searching for breadcrumbs, we went straight to the source to discuss the much-teased new album Crisis, Trim's label Secluded Area of Music, and the prevalence of politics on the grime scene. 

It’s been a while, but we know you've got a new album up your sleeve. When can we expect to hear Crisis?

I'm hoping we can have the full album out by April. Single releases and a few features will start from the end of September 2017!

Nice! Those releases can't come soon enough. What’s been your biggest influence in the making of the record: people, places, or things?

I'm my own biggest influence. My life is a not your norm, and I've witnessed everything you can possibly think what better place to start than with me! 

‘Before I Lied’ was one of the first to make it onto our Tung’s Greatest Hits list. How did the 1-800 Dinosaur release come about? Are there any future collabs in the works?

I consider everyone in 1800 Dinosaur as family and will always make music with them all - from the individuals to the collective!!  

How it came about is a long story, but we have only just got started. 

Happy to hear there's more on the horizon! Speaking of collaborations - do you prefer to team up or go it alone?

I just like making good music, whether it's with someone or not it just depends on the music! But I feel I'm an album artist and am yet to put my stamp on things on my own two feet. Hopefully Crisis can be that stamp!

You're definitely doing that with Secluded Area of Music as well. We’ve read it’s ‘more than a label,’ but what does that mean?

Secluded Area of Music label.jpg

At Secluded Area of Music we aim to make genreless music with unique musicians. We're not just releasing my own music - other artists like Nico Lindsay and DJ Eazy B will be in on it as well. We'll be doing shows as a collective with Obese, DJ A.G etc!

We have an ear/eye for art. We'll also be releasing comics with graff artist Opake and myself. There'll be clothes, graff school, pop-up shops, clashing classes, and we'll be releasing limited runs of vinyl.

We like the sound of that. Finally, over the last year there’s been a real increase in musicians using their voice to talk about matters other than music. As an artist with a substantial fanbase, do you feel an obligation to talk politics?

I feel all artists should speak about what they are going through, whether political or personal. We live in a time where a lot of people with power should say more. Having said that, it's not what you say, it's how you say it, and as you can tell I do know how to say it... so let's just wait for Crisis!

Quick Fire

Song of 2017?

Song of 2017 for me is 'Loyalty' by Kendrick Lamar! 

Song to soothe your soul?

Sugar Minott 'Herbman Hustling' 

90s or 00s?


In the studio or on stage?

In the studio!

You are a massive United fan so we had to ask: Ibrahimović or Lukaku?