Get To Know: TheseDays

For the past five years, TheseDays have been throwing some of the best parties in both Oxford and London. This Thursday, in recognition of their 5th birthday, they’re hitting Omeara with a killer line-up to celebrate. We got in touch with the men behind the music, head honchos Will and Paddy, to have a chat about how they got started, where they’re going, and the tunes that make them tick.

Paddy and Will

Let’s start with the basics. How did TheseDays come to be?

We’ve always loved music and had toyed around with the idea of throwing parties. One day, whilst at uni together, we were sitting around in halls developing a taste for house music and we suddenly made a decision to give it a go. Our first party was actually held in a small basement in Oxford for friends.

We love the intimacy of that. Now that you’ve grown up and out, does that same vibe still characterise a TheseDays night?

We’d like to think our nights still have the personal touches and family vibe, whether thats on a boat or in a basement. Every night we throw we get fully stuck in and whilst not always clean cut, they have a lot of character. Just small things like giving everyone a yoghurt when they leave – we did that on our first night and in hindsight we’re not sure it did any favours for dry mouth! Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without everyone that comes and parties, we have friends to thank for that.

Things have moved on since that first party in Oxford and you’ve made the transition from the city of dreaming spires to the big smoke. How did you find the process of translating the TheseDays aesthetic and style to London?

It certainly wasn’t easy, it’s been an absolute journey but we’ve stuck to it. Since being in London there’s now 4 of us that run TheseDays. We asked Joss and Fred to help out a couple of years ago and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Cool! Now that there are more of you involved in the creative process, how do you pick your line-ups to reflect the tastes of each member of the team?

It’s usually what we’re listening to at that moment whilst at the same time trying to keep an interesting mix of artists from all over. Anthony Naples flying in from New York is a first – we’ve never had an artist from the US so are keen to welcome him to the TD family.

Yes! We’re so excited to see Anthony Naples on Thursday as you ring in your fifth birthday. How does it feel to reach such a big milestone?

It feels great, time has gone quickly, but looking back it seems an eternity away from our first party! We’ve put on an extra special line up to say thank you for the last 5 years of partying with us. 

TheseDays Boat Party

Honestly, we can’t wait. Finally, what’re your views on the London night life scene (and beyond?) as it stands at the moment - things have seemed on a bit of a knife edge recently…

London nightlife seems to be under constant scrutiny at the moment and is going through some hard times with the closure of various independent venues, but the calibre of DJs playing every weekend is pretty incredible, albeit at only a handful of clubs. Obviously The Columbo Group are smashing it and Phonox in particular has brought some amazing artists to Brixton. Places like Printworks is exactly what London needs to rejuvenate itself and we hope to see more spaces like it opening up.

Short but sweet: ‘quickfire’ round:

1. What’s the last track you listened to?

Will - The War On Drugs – 'Under The Pressure'

Paddy - The War on Drugs – 'Lost in a Dream' (weirdly)

2. You’re at a party and the vibe is dying – what’s your secret weapon?

Will - Arthur Conley – 'Sweet Soul Music'

Paddy - Inland Knights – 'Slummin It'

3. You’re trapped in a traffic jam for 12 hours with only a CD stuck on one track for company – which track would you choose?

Will - LCD Soundsystem – 'I Can Change'. Although any song after 12 hours could be a bit much.

Paddy - The Brian Jonestown Massacre – 'Straight Up & Down' (extended bonus version at the end of ‘Give it to the Man’). Again though might not like it by the end of the journey.

4. What’s the best time of day to put on your favourite tune? 

Will - Friday 5pm

Paddy - Same

5. If you could wipe the existence of a music genre from history, which would it be?

Will - EDM

Paddy - Same although at least it gets kids into music and their taste will most likely evolve so maybe it’s a good thing.

— —

TheseDyas 5th Birthday Party

The TheseDays 5th birthday party is on 13th April, get tickets here: