Get To Know: Plunge Theatre

Isn't Twitter just the absolute best (apart from when it's the worst)? A couple of months into The Tung's life, we stumbled across Plunge Theatre, and they stumbled across us right back. It was the start of a beautiful friendship, and today we're super pleased to showcase the release of their new music video 'Shallow'. Take a look below!

We sat down for a chat with founders Tuts, Izabella, and Lilly, to talk all things Plunge, politics, and poorly shod partners...

Hi gals! Okay, so there’s been an alien invasion (we can only hope at this point, right?) - how would you describe Plunge Theatre to our new alien pals?

Three brightly-coloured, fire-breathing, socially-anxious hipsters who say yes to everything.

When did the three of you meet, and how did you figure out you needed to work together?

We met at Sussex University, caught eyes across the Karen Finley courgette seminar, collectively failed the Uncanny, and had no other friends so it was a sort of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ scenario as to why we had to work together.

Lol. It can't have been easy setting up Plunge as three young women...

It's been bloody hard! Our previous work was about body image; you’re pitching that to a load of male theatre directors, and trying to get that into schools was strangely impossible. On the flip side, we’ve met some incredible women along the way, who’ve been really supportive, but the industry is so male dominated that promoting anything to do with female mental health has been a real struggle.  

We can imagine. So how do you guys devise your pieces?

We put on Beyonce, experiment with baked goods and find a way to zoom in on the everyday things we find hilarious, constantly finding ways to recreate them in absurd ways.

Literally what problems doesn't Beyonce solve?! Obviously this is quite a weird / grim time for the world - do you feel the necessity to have a specific message in your work?

YES! It is a really grim time. As women and as creatives it’s been particularly difficult … Our work has always had a social angle, and we feel like we have a responsibility to have a message in our work. As three women from three different ethnicities, different classes, and conforming to different beauty stands,  there’s something inherently political about us being on stage/ screen together, and we draw attention to this in all our of work.  Our coping mechanism for all the grimness in the world has always been comedy, and being funny is important to us; we highlight the absurdity of the world we live in, through comedy.

Now to your new work! Talk us through ‘Shallow’.

With Shallow we wanted to have fun, but reclaim the fact that there are consistently ludicrous beauty standards that women are expected to meet. This is just us fucking with that, really, and flipping it on it’s head. This was also an opportunity for us to collaborate with a squad of really talented creatives and to act out all of our fantasies of being a girl band.  

What's next for Plunge?

We are currently writing a sitcom, called ‘Clingfilm’ (which Channel 4 would be MAD to turn down). There are a million social dynamics that we want to chip away at, we want to continue talking about the position of women within this, and quite frankly, change the world, whilst having a good LOL.

A still from Plunge Theatre short 'Cling Film'.

A still from Plunge Theatre short 'Cling Film'.

and now for the Quick Fire Round...

What was the last film you saw? 

The last film we collectively watched was What Happens in Vegas which consisted of objectifying Ashton Kutcher, feeling wracked by self doubt and picking plot holes.

Last book you read?

Iza: Hanif Kureishi - Love in A Blue Time
Tuts: Why I'm no Longer Talking To White People About Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge
Lil: Riders by Jilly Cooper

Favourite Tweeter?

Tutku Barbaros

Who do you admire in screen right now?

We collectively love Rachel Bloom and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. And always like to throw it back to Smack The Pony.

...and finally, the big one: cats or dogs?


For more info head over to Plunge Theatre's website.