Get To Know: Count Counsellor

To start, what's in the name? 

Well, it started when my bud Fred and I made this sonic comic book called The Adventures of Count and Clean. It all came from that and my surname is Counsell, and the whole vibe of the music we make is to try and counsel people into feeling good about themselves and feeling strong to take on the world around them. Then smash that altogether you get Count Counsellor.

That explains that! So who or what influences you most: people, places, or things? 

Peoples’ worlds influence me a lot. Like the world of a bingo announcer and their day to day life, or a milkman who has been on the same route every day since he was 18, and who has all his little tricks and joys that he finds in the everyday. They amaze me. But it’s hard not to say music, and every musician would be lying if they said otherwise.

What comes first: lyrics or melody?

I guess it changes every time, I don’t think I have a specific process. I make voice notes a lot; like crazy ones which if someone got hold of I would probably be sectioned! But to me they make sense. And then so many songs have been formed from some yelling or noise I realised I could make. Also other musicians - working with different people all the time is amazing and you can’t have the same process if you are introducing new people into your world every day. 

You're a multi-instrumentalist, but what do you pick up first when you write? 

Drums or piano. Writing with drums is damn fun ‘cause you don’t get pinned down by harmony, so I tend to come up with mad melodies when I do that. 

What does your studio set-up look like when you’re writing? 

I have a lot of stuff just about, a lot of clutter, a lot of improvised problem fixers like tables made from old record boxes, a pop shield made from coat hanger and tights etc. But I also move around from studio to studio so I’m kind of a chameleon in the way I work. Put me somewhere and I’ll get something out of it. 

We like the DIY vibe. So, how much have you been in the studio recently?  Is there an album in the pipeline?

Something is coming that’s for sure. But I’m also producing for a bunch of great people at the moment which is beautiful. I’ve been going to my mate’s studio out in the middle of Norway a lot, and recorded an album with an outfit I write and play for called Them Blends. Also produced MEI’s debut album currently out there and going to record with a band called LVNA out there soon.

Wow, lots going on! We're hyped to see you live in September (and not for the first time)! What makes a Count Counsellor live show?

Glad you’re coming back! The musicians make the show - they are the best in London hands down. They mean what they play and they each have a sound. There are lots of great musicians out there but not all of them have their sound. The Collectors do. 

We know we’re really only half way through the year, but so far which new artist best encapsulates 2017 for you?

Wayne Snow, I know he’s been around but his new album is serious. Also, Husky Loops are serious check their live show out. And just one for next for you guys look out for MEI!


First thing you listened to today? 

‘Sunshower’ by Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. 

Which song do you most wish you’d written?

‘You To Me Are Everything’ by The Real Thing.

Most life-changing live show? 

D’Angelo at the Hammersmith Apollo.

It’s the year 2005, you’re stuck in traffic for 8 hours with only a CD player for company. What CD would you most like to find under the passenger seat? 

‘Get Lifted’ by John Legend, ‘Red Light District’ by Ludacris, or maybe ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon.

In the studio or onstage?

Onstage with friends.

Day or night?  

That in between period, around 4 o’clock.

Catch the Count live on 5th of September. Get your tickets here

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