Top 5: Feminist Crafts Accounts Lighting Up Our Insta Feed


All too often, Instagram can become a toxic place, full of images of idealised lives and bodies and friends and lovers, all smushed together into one big anxiety-inducing melting pot. But here's an idea: delete all that rubbish, and introduce these accounts (and loads more like them!) to your feed instead. I started following the following five crafts businesses on Instagram earlier this year, and they've done so much to brighten up my morning (and mid-morning, lunch-time, mid-afternoon, early-evening and late-evening) scroll(s), and it's been inspiring to watch them grow a community of supportive and appreciative fans and peers.

Get to know each of them -- I promise you won't regret it. And buy some of their stuff while you're at it if you can! 

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Pot Yer Tits Away Luv (@potyertitsawayluv)

Emma Low, the 10/10 human behind Pot Yer Tits Away Luv, has done nothing short of capture our hearts over here at Tung HQ. As you might have deduced from the name, Emma makes tit pots, but they ain’t just any old tit pots, no sir! Although she does make and sell pre-made pots, her biggest business is in creating hand-made personalised pots, moulded in her clients’ image. All you have to do is send her a picture of your tits and Emma will create for you a pot-replica of your chest in clay. As a consequence of the method, Emma ends up making a hugely diverse range of pots, reflecting a huge range of tit size, skin tones, surgery scars, body mods and everything in between. Just don’t expect to get one easily — she’s a one woman show so these babies are hard to come by. Patience and turning on notifications will be rewarded.

For fans of: tits (duh), smushy Persian pussies, reading the goddamn FAQs!

Lou Clarke Studio @louclarkestudio

So I actually came to find Lou Clarke through Emma of @potyertitsawayluv — praise the power of social media! The two have recently created an earring collection together (boob-focussed obvs) and I must immediately have all the pieces or I will surely die? Elsewhere, @louclarkestudio makes all sorts of pieces wearable and otherwise that celebrate human bodies in all their glory. Personal faves of mine are this crotch-shot brooch, these pube-formation earrings and these perfect little dick bananas. With Lou Clarke around you’ve got all your jewellery needs (un)covered.

For fans of: social media collabs, disembodied limbs, penis fruit

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 15.23.25.png

Badass Cross Stitch @badasscrossstitch

Now I’m not gonna lie to you, cross stitch hasn’t historically been high on my list of down-time priorities, but thanks to @badasscrossstitch that’s all changed. Chicago craftivist Shannon Downey creates arresting pieces of cross stitch art that often lean heavily towards the political. Recently, after spying the use of her slogan ‘Boys will be boys held accountable for their fucking actions’ on a pair of Lasula skinny jeans (without credit or payment), she created a response-series including the slogans ‘The Resistance will be teamed with a bodysuit and boots for the ultimate babe vibes’ and ‘PAY ARTISTS’, and inspired her followers to pick up their own needles and thread and create their own versions. She’s an absolute boss — brb just gotta finish stitching.

For fans of: activism, sASS, potential needle-related injuries

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 15.25.32.png

Liv and Dom @livanddom

What’s better than one craft-maker? Two, obviously! Liv and Dom are twins and together they create always beautiful, often cheeky ceramics and illustrations. You may already know their nude incense holders (!!!) but I’m just as taken with their delicately painted ceramic drinks coasters, magnets, brooches and candle holders. They’ve got a really strong brand identity and make exxxcellent use of various fruits, vegetables, and strategically placed bottles of wine to keep their designs bright and cute. 

For fans of: twinstagram, fried-eggs-as-tits, incense

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 15.31.27.png

Girls On Tops @girlsontopstees

Is there anything more dreamy on this green earth than Timothee Chalamet wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with Greta Gerwig’s name? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And you know who you have to thank for that? I think you already know the answer. The Girls On Tops Tees collective is a t-shirt-based celebration of female voices in film who produce bold, simple shirts will the names of iconic women in cinema in big, black letters across the chest. You can get Agnes Varda, Dee Rees, Ava DuVernay, Laura Dern, Daniela Vega and a whole bunch more, and they’re being worn by celebrities like Greta Gerwig herself, Rooney Mara and, of course, our forever fave Timmy C. I can’t decide which one to get which means…I’ll have to get loads? Oh well. 

For fans of: women in cinema, plain white ts (not the band), Timothee Chalamet

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