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What: Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime, in conversation

Where: Rough Trade East 

When: Monday 4th 

Head over to Rough Trade East to hear author Dan Hancox in conversation with writer Kieran Yates as they discuss Dan’s new book ‘Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime’. The book details the rise of grime beginning at the turn of the new millennium as teenage pioneers created a genre through pirate radio and guerrilla gigs, through to 2018, a time in which grime has infiltrated the mainstream. 

Have the conditions that produced this music now gone forever? What happens to those living on the margins when those margins become ever-smaller spaces? And what happens to a rebellious, outsider sound when it is fully accepted by the pop cultural mainstream? We’ll be turning up to find out where Dan Hancox thinks the future of grime lies. 

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What: We Got The Jazz: Exploring The Low End Theory

Where: The Jazz Cafe

When: Tuesday 5th

Join re:Imagine on Tuesday as they celebrate the A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, an album whose contribution to production and lyricism can’t be overstated. A host of London’s finest jazz musicians, led by Jordan Rakei’s guitarist Sheldon Agwu, will lead the charge in giving thanks to ATCQ for creating an album that fused jazz and hip-hop, and which turned out to be one of the most influential records in hip-hop history. 

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What: Splayed Festival - An Eruption of Disruptive Femininities

Where: The Place

When: Wednesday 6th - Saturday 9th 

A growing urgency is bubbling up from around and within dance. What we think we know about gender, desire, identity, violence, performance and power is vibrating, ready to be disrupted, wrecked and reimagined through the moving body.

Splayed draws together a cluster of subversive, unruly and experimental artists who are doing just that. During a week of bold and playful performance, engaging discussion and a free zine, conventional notions of femininity will be thrown into question and new possibilities set rubbing up against each other.

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What: Late Debate: Environment matters

Where: London Transport Museum

When: Thursday 7th 

We at The Tung are trying hard to improve our own carbon footprint through changes we’re making in our own lives, but we’re keen to learn how we can do more to help. It’s lucky then that the London Transport Museum are presenting an evening of talks, debates, immersive experiences and workshops on clean air, climate change and more. We need to learn how to do better, so what better opportunity to start than here. 

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What: Frisky Fest

Where: Platform Southwark 

When: Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Sunday 10th

Having seen and LOVED an earlier iteration of Frisky Theatre’s hilarious and raucous show Girl World this December (see: this review), we’re super excited that it’s returning to Platform this week in the form of Frisky Fest. On Thursday and Friday Frisky are presenting a newly developed version of Girl World, with support from Bang Average, Wonderbox, and Stokes & Summers. To find out more, read our recent interview with Frisky co-founder Camille Dawson, and grab your tickets here now now now! 

tung magazine culture calendar what's on london

What: Poetry & Lyrics Festival 

Where: Kings Place

When: Friday 8th - Saturday 9th

Poetry & Lyrics is back for its third year. Over a weekend in June, musicians and poets spanning genres from classical and folk to contemporary, world and hip hop come together for a programme of concerts, live music, talks, workshops and readings. This year they’ll be celebrating how poetry and lyrics have articulated great moments of change throughout history, experiencing the legacy of famous classic poets on composers and songwriters, hosting a party premiering new poetry commissions inspired by one of hip-hop’s biggest names, and much more. Don’t miss it!

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