Culture Calendar 23.04.18

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What: Boom: Art and Industry in 1960s Italy

Where: Tornabuoni Art

When: Wednesday 25th - 16th June

Tornabuoni Art London is launching its new curatorial fellowship. Every year, a curator will be given the keys to the gallery’s collection in order to find new threads connecting Tornabuoni’s over 5000 artworks. Dr Flavia Frigeri, Teaching Fellow at UCL and co-curator of The World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern in 2015, is the first recipient of the fellowship. Taking as a starting point Vittorio De Sica’s 1963 film Il boom, Flavia Frigeri’s exhibition explores the relationship between post-war Italian art and the economic miracle in the 1960s. The show focuses on how artists envisioned, represented and reacted to the boom.

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tung magazine culture calendar london art music theatre what's on

What: Charlotte Day Wilson

Where: Jazz Cafe

When: Wednesday 25th 

This Wednesday Charlotte Day Wilson hits the Jazz Cafe. Having cut her teeth in her hometown of  Toronto — the home of much cool, laidback R&B of the past decade — Charlotte’s more than ready to take on her biggest London show to date. Head on over to witness her strength as a performer and multi-instrumentalist clearly influenced by a myriad of artists and genres, but who maintains a truly distinct voice.

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tung magazine culture calendar london art music theatre what's on

What: Tessa Coates - Primates

Where: Soho Theatre

When: Thursday 26th - 30th June

Two Tessa Coates shout outs in as many days! Our first was for her great article on finding the confidence to get on with her Edinburgh show, Primates, and the second for the Soho Theatre run of that very same show. In Primates, Tessa puts an apparently useless degree in Anthropology to good use, combining character and story-telling with some very intense academic research. Which, as she says, is surely what everyone wants from their comedy. 

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tung magazine culture calendar london art music theatre what's on


Where: Tristan Bates Theatre

When: Friday 27th and Saturday 28th 

This daring and original piece of music theatre created by four RADA graduates chronicles the true story of a dark and disturbing relationship. It’s the story of two strangers who share their transgressive desires online, and whose first and only meeting is extensively covered by the media for years. Following a presentation of this new, experimental musical, there’ll be a two-way Q&A: Questions from the participants answered by the cast and pre-selected questions from the performers to the participants. This will help to develop the musical to its next planned stage this Summer.

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tung magazine culture calendar london art music theatre what's on

What: Uniqlo Tate Lates

Where: Tate Modern 

When: Friday 27th 

On the last Friday of the month, Tate Lates stays open after-hours to present a mix of art, music, film, and workshops. This month’s edition will feature music programmed by NTS Radio including DJ Lizza, Organ Tapes and Tommy Gold. There’ll be a panel talk with industry creatives including broadcaster Gemma Cairney, Shu Hung (Head of Uniqlo’s Global Creative Lab), Tim Hunter (BAFTA’s Director of Learning and New Talent) and Otegha Uwagba (Women Who founder), a crash course entitled ‘How To Be An Artist’ from Scottee, and loads more. 

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What: Blink. Theatre Presents Response 3: Reality & Quarry

Where: Old Red Lion Theatre

When: Sunday 29th - Monday 30th 

Blink. Theatre's critically acclaimed production Response is back! After sold-out runs at Alyth Synagogue, the Courtyard and The Old Red Lion theatres in 2017, this regular new writing night returns to once again put the focus on nurturing emerging and under-represented writers and actors. In this series of selected solo plays, Blink. looks at the theme of RealityWhat does reality mean, how do we define it, and what does it look like in the continually changing modern world? Quarry is an insightful, brutally honest tale of one woman's struggle for confidence and clarity in the modern world. Join us to witness Gemma as she discovers a few home truths and goes on a spectacularly funny journey into her inner soul.

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