Playlist #1: The Tung's Best Bites

You don’t know us, we don’t know you (unless you’ve clicked on the link we’ve just emailed you in which case you’re our mums - hi mum), so let’s rectify that.

We could tell you something about ourselves, maybe divulge a dark, terrible secret but we’re not that stupid. This is the internet and IP addresses are trackable. We thought instead we could offer you a glimpse into our souls another way - by letting you take a listen to our very favourite songs. Songs that have soundtracked group hugs, solo cries, transcendental moments and some pretty ordinary ones too, but which nevertheless each mean something to us. Some compromise has taken place as one of us submitted somewhere in the ball park of a billion songs for consideration of the group, but we eventually arrived on a solid 50.

Listen below and stare into the abyss.