Get To Know: The Idea

There's something intriguing happening on the streets of olde London town. Despite the hits it's been taking over the last few years, dance music is the conversation of the moment. Fabric's rescue from the clutches of gentrification, the opening of new club Printworks in Canada Water next month, and, further afield, the high culture status of Berlin’s Berghain, and the equally mysterious Alive2017 rumours (please be a thing! We’re so bored of everyone telling us how great Coachella 2006 was) are all doing their bit to satisfy our societal demand for the alternative. So what can we do to continue the upwards trajectory? We at the Tung donned our deer-stalkers, readied our anoraks and followed our noses on a journey to uncover brand new information about a platform for discovering new underground music – The Idea. We got in touch and found out what all the fuss was about.

Fred Parry of ‘We Want’ and Pablo Wansbrough, best known for his DJ moniker Pablo V, have been honing their craft for many moons now. Weaving between the genres they both gained successful and reputable DJ residencies in Oxford and Leeds respectively. Last year, they collided on our capital’s cobbled streets and found that there was a lucrative void in the industry that could be filled with a new type of initiative.

They explain to us that The Idea is focussed on two major aspects. First and foremost they want to change the difficulty with which we discover and access new music. As DJs they appreciate the art of crate digging but understand that that the music is nothing without the audience that hears it. Through curated monthly Spotify playlists encompassing all genres, The Idea hopes to act as a vehicle to generate a platform on social media in which people can discover new music effortlessly – we're so on board with this.

The second focal point of The Idea is to push and showcase the underground music scene. Focus is on high levels of production adapted to the acts and theme of every occasion. It seems an obvious point to make but a very important one. Sound is absolutely everything and it seems that more and more organisers are taking notes and spending their cash on the quality of speaker system. Sunfall 2016 took a huge leap forward in this regard and set a very high standard for future London festivals. Whilst staying true to the big guns - disco, house and tecnho - the boys assure us that their aim is to reflect the musical diversity of the underground.

And so, the debut: the 10th of March sees the launch of The Idea’s first event. The chosen location is the Hoxton Basement, an intimate space that has been known for its debuting of international talent as well as a breadth of genres and, in keeping with their ethos, The Idea have chosen DJ and owner of the Secretsundaze label James Priestley as their headliner for the night.

‘He is the perfect DJ to headline The Idea thanks to his adaptability to different surroundings’ says Pablo V and we have to agree. Priestly is clearly a force to be reckoned with and has a vast knowledge of the scene with over 20 years of DJ’ing experience and is renowned for his spliced and electric sets. With key support from Benson Herbert, half of the duo ‘Voyeur’ this has all the makings of one hell of an evening.

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