#26 Eliza Hopewell: on PJ Harvey, Alex Katz and self-worth

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Helloooo, come on in, take off your shoes and settle down for another episode of The You Do You Show, a weekly podcast in which I chat with a guest I admires about the ways in which pop culture has influenced who they are and what they do. 

Eliza Hopewell is an artist best known for her candid unapologetic plate paintings. Her work is hugely popular, but its that very popularity that forced Eliza to stop what she was doing in the middle of last year and take stock. We talk about how, since then, she’s reframed her work, her prices, and ultimately, her self-worth, as well as her early obsession with PJ Harvey, the song that got her through a difficult breakup, and her current fixation on the sublime simplicity of the work of Alex Katz.


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