The You Do You Show #18 Philip Ellis: on Star Trek, Cruel Intentions, and the value of the rom com

the you do you show philip ellis interview podcast

Helloooo, come on in, take off your shoes and settle down for another episode of The You Do You Show, a weekly interview podcast in which I chat with a guest I admire about the ways in which pop culture has influenced who they are and what they do. 

This week I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with one of my favourite writers of 2018, Philip Ellis. I started reading his work after a friend sent me one of his articles entitled “If Online Dating Is No Longer Taboo, Why Is Online Friendship?” I not only massively related to what he wrote but also totally fell for the way he wrote it. Since then I’ve made sure to keep an eye out for Philip’s pieces. In this episode, we chat about Star Trek, Cruel Intentions, and the rom-com.


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