#1 Stevie Martin: on Beyoncé, #metoo at Edinburgh, and the allure of Abs from 5ive

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Helloooo, come on in, take off your shoes and settle down for another episode of The You Do You Show, a weekly podcast in which Anna Richmond chats with an arts industry person she admires about the ways pop culture has influenced who they are and what they do. 

Joining Anna for the inaugural You Do You Show is journalist-writer-podcast host-comedian-actress and all-round excellent human Stevie Martin. 

Stevie first popped up in Anna's life as one-third of the comedy trio Massive Dad (the performance Anna caught involved a dance-routine involving vegetables if memory serves her), and then again as co-host of 10/10 podcast Nobody Panic. Next month, she's taking her debut show Stevie Martin: Vol. 1 to the Edinburgh Festival. 

Listen in as the pair have a chat about the ways in which pop culture -- from first ever celebrity crushes to teen ideas of what made someone 'cool' --  has shaped who Stevie is and what she's doing now.

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Image cred: Idul Sukan