The You Do You Show #32 Gabriel Bisset-Smith: on ghosts, dealing with rejection and Made In Chelsea

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Helloooo, come on in, take off your shoes and settle down for another episode of The You Do You Show, a weekly interview podcast in which I chat with a guest I admire about the ways in which pop culture has influenced who they are and what they do. 

Gabriel is a writer, actor and director – his first short film, THRUSH, won the Vimeo Best Narrative award, he’s been named a Dazed Visionary by Dazed and Confused, and he was nominated for a BAFTA for The Last Hours of Laura K, a twenty-four-hour-long piece he directed and co-wrote. Right now he’s in the final stages of prep for bringing his new play Whitewash, a semi-autobiographical play about London, family, and the intersection between race and class, to Soho Theatre. We talk about the experiences that inspired the play, as well as his childhood obsession with ghost-adjacent pop culture, the song that reminds him of his best friend, and a compelling theory he has about the viewership of reality TV.


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