Hi pals, I'm Anna, founder and editor of my misshapen little website-baby The Tung Magazine!

I set up The Tung back at the beginning of 2017 with my co-founder Jacob (now a lawyer!!!) to create a space for open, honest, fun responses to art and culture. Along with a tight-knit group of contributors like Sarah Margetson, Tutku Barbaros, Hailey Bachrach and Memuna Konteh, I post reviews, interviews, spicy opinion pieces and playlists that reflect who we are: curious, changeable human beans who aren't afraid not to have worked out all the answers yet. We're not experts, we're just people who went to a thing / heard a thing / saw a thing and felt some feelings. We think there's more than enough value in that. 

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Right now we're keeping this show on the road while maintaining approximately one billion other jobs, which is, as you might imagine, not totally 100% completely ideal.

I’d be so so grateful if you were able to pledge even the tiniest amount of money to our Patreon so that I could pay my contributors and expand our reach through some paid marketing. That Facebook algorithm is a dick.

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